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Listen Up, America and Make This Mom Proud

May 30, 2024

United States of America,

This is your mother speaking.  I have a few things I’d like to share with you while I have your attention.  It is every mothers dream to have her children grow up to be successful, independent, kind, respectful and loving.  I think it’s often difficult to ALWAYS act this way but I believe it’s the most important thing you can do and should be practiced so often you it come naturally.

I want you to REALLY understand some of the largest challenges mothers face daily.  I would be grateful if you would help your friends understand this too because more moms need support and understanding.

For goodness sake, I’ll begin with a simple one…Moms should SIT to eat a HOT meal even just once in a while.  A meal that does not consist of leftovers or just the cold, starchy, soggy mess that’s left behind because they made sure YOU ate all your vegetables and protein to stay strong and healthy. 

Now that I have made that clear…Moms are their own worst critics.  We all worry every second of every day and are constantly comparing ourselves with others, even though we say we don’t.  We feel insecure, continually worry about failure and second guess so many of the choices we make.  From what outfit WE put on when we know our fellow moms will be around to see us, to if we should REALLY let our babies ride their bikes to school alone, even though it’s only two blocks away, they’ll be together, and they aren’t technically babies anymore. 

It would be amazing if we gave ourselves permission to forgive our mistakes and applaud our successes, but we don’t really do that.  So, be a bit more forgiving and complimentary when you think about it.  Know that even when we might fail at something, it’s not due to any lack of effort. 

As a mother, let me remind you that every human being has feelings.  Each one of us can feel joy, pain, break and bleed.  We all SHOULD know love.  We all SHOULD feel safe and be healthy.  And, even though this is not what happens all the time, it is what every mother wants for her child and family.  No family is different or deserves less.  Our children make our hearts full no matter who we are or where we come from. 

Judgement is unnecessary and still way too prominent.  Promise me you will work to reduce judgement.  Promise me you will spread happiness and kindness everywhere you go and to everyone you meet.  Tell your friends that motherhood is NOT a competition because if it was…every mother would both win and lose the same race; which is just impossible.  What is possible is to remember friendship, loyalty, honesty, respect, kindness and love are essential.  American Mothers: you are amazing.  Your children are amazing.  Sometimes we need a reminder and a little extra encouragement that although we may occasionally need more positivity and grace, we are all doing the best we can, and always wish we could do better. 

So…America…Make this mom proud! 

Brook Bassan is a native New Mexican living in Albuquerque with her husband, Uri and their four elementary aged children. She has landed her dream career as a Household CEO, otherwise known as a Stay at Home Mom. In addition to continuously caring for her family, Brook volunteers as President of their school Parent Teacher Association and is Chairwoman of the Friends of the Library committee. She serves on the Nominating Committee for the NMPTA and is an active member of her Neighborhood Association, while also owning two small home-based businesses. Along with making memories with her incredible husband and four children who fill her heart and keep her schedule full, Brook adores cooking, hosting friends and other neighborhood children often, and Girl Scouts with her daughter. She is an avid reader, enjoys snow skiing, walking the family’s three dogs, and indulging in a glass of wine with gal pals. Read more about Brook here…