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Maryland Moms Inspire Students with SWAG

APRIL 10, 2023

Update provided by the Maryland Association of American Mothers, Inc.

On May 23, 2019, Sharon Parker, President of American Mother, Inc., (AMI) Maryland’s Association, and Mrs. Louvenia Banks, Maryland’s 2019 AMI Mother of Achievement visited the Calvert High School in Prince Frederick, Maryland to recognize students who completed the “2019 Leading Within with SWAG” initiative (SWAG means Speaker, Writer, Artist and Guru).

Leading Within with SWAG is a self-development and professional development focus-driven mentoring platform designed to encourage disadvantaged students to tap into their creative gifts to lead projects in their home, school and community.   

Back in February 2019, Maryland AMI’s members (Lisa Gross-Height, Louvenia Banks, and Sharon Parker) in conjunction with Ms. Catherine Sutton, Vice Principal at Calvert High School and Ms. Kristen Ratcliff, Social Study teach at Calvert High took students on a field trip at the Harriett Elizabeth Brown Community Center to launch the “Leading Within with SWAG” project.  The project was a great success as students served on the planning committee and used their Leading Within skills taught by Ms. Parker to recruit more students.

We look forward to the Fall 2019-2020 school year as we will continue to build self-confidence and work with students to encourage them to develop, lead and implement successful projects.  

Maryland Moms Inspire Students with SWAG


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