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Mother Nature for Mother of the Year®

May 30, 2024

Headshot of Lacy Rueschenberg, 2018 Hawaii Mother of the Year®What’s a Mother to do?  Volcanoes exploding! Hurricanes bearing down! Husband deployed on a submarine!

“Knowing there was a possibility everything in our home could be destroyed, there are many things I could’ve tried to save: photo albums, expensive electronics, favorite jewelry, etc.
However, at that moment when I had to choose, it was my kids that came to mind first. No physical items. None! Just my kids.
Knowing daddy was safe out on his submarine and that the kids and I would be together, was all of the comfort I needed. I think I’m grasping the concept of “minimalism” better than I thought I was. Our things are just things. Our family is precious and worth more than anything I could buy for my house-or even the house itself.”
Read more on what Lacy Rueschenberg, 2018 Hawaii Mother of the Year® has to say about “Dependency, Deficiency, Discovery,” parenting and figuring out what is truly important when Mother Nature throws a temper tantrum in her backyard.