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Headshot of Brenda McDaniel Oklahoma Mother of the Year 2019

Not All Mothers Sound the Same

APRIL 10, 2023
Headshot of Brenda McDaniel Oklahoma Mother of the Year 2019
Brenda McDaniel, 2019 Oklahoma Mother of the Year®

All my life people have said that my voice is different.  As a youngster dreaming of being a missionary it didn’t seem to matter.  But life did not take me to far away places.  Instead I married, became a Mother and found my different voice was an asset.  Our boys could always hear be above the crowd.  

My passion for servant leadership led me to become a teacher and later first lady at two universities.  That dream of impacting young lives came true for me.  I became a surrogate Mother for hundreds of young men and women.  So that different voice became one of inclusion, encouragement, and inspiration.

I believe in a real sense God has blessed all Mothers with a different voice.  It allows us to inspire the next generation to dream more to do more, and to be more.

My three sons are all different.  The oldest is a corporate lawyer who co-founded a non-profit called Cleats for Kids, the second is a public servant who was recently elected Oklahoma’s State Treasurer, and the third is a movie maker.  He runs our state’s largest film festival and a statewide film education program.

They are all different, but united in their love of family, love for each other, commitment to their faith and to serving others.

In many ways that is the story of America.  Different states, different ethnic backgrounds, different faiths, and different political views, but united for more than 200 years.

So remember America, when you hear a different voice, listen.  It is your Mother speaking.

Brenda McDaniel was born in the Oklahoma Panhandle, the youngest of three daughters. Her Mother was a school teacher/artist and her father was a baseball player/farmer. At Laverne High School she became an outstanding student and a popular vocalist. This led to academic and music scholarships for college. She earned a teaching degree at Oklahoma University and later a Master’s degree at NWOSU. She has taught in multiple Oklahoma Public Schools and was recognized for her outstanding teaching at each. She met her husband Tom in college. They will be married 60 years this June. They have 3 sons: Mark-55, Randy-51, and Lance-49. The family includes 2 daughter-in-laws and 5 grandchildren. She has served as First Lady of two universities where she promoted student initiatives and established scholarships. She has been a leader in her Church and recognized with her denomination’s highest awards. She has been a Community Volunteer and Civic Leader which led to her inclusion in the 50 Most Powerful Women in Oklahoma City. Foremost she is a Mother who has invested her life in her children and husband. Read more about Brenda here…


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