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Vaish Subramaniam holding american flag on rock at sunset time

7 Key Objectives of American Mothers, Inc.

May 30, 2024

Vaish Subramaniam holding american flag on rock at sunset time

I love being asked about my new job as the CEO of American Mothers, but it can be difficult to articulate what we’re all about because we have A LOT going on. From celebrating moms and granting money, to keeping a close eye on what’s happening in Congress and at the United Nations, this 84-year old nonprofit organization has no shortage of things to do. So I thought it might be helpful for me to write out our purpose and priorities as I see them. Hopefully this will be beneficial to you as well (and please chime in below with the things you are doing locally to help push these objectives forward in your communities).

In a nutshell, we…

1. HONOR moms through the Mother of the Year® and Mother of Achievement award,
2. EDUCATE moms on important policy decisions that could impact them across the country,
3. ADVOCATE on behalf of women and children for a safer existence in America and around the world,
4. SUPPORT efforts that benefit women and children by providing financial assistance to local nonprofits via the Golden Rule Grant Fund,
5. EMPOWER moms to be community leaders and use their innate abilities to make a positive impact at home, work and in the world,
6. PROVIDE a platform for networking, lifting one another up, cheering others on, and sharing good news about every single mom victory, no matter how small, and we
7. BELIEVE in harnessing the power of maternal energy to make a positive change in the world.

Are these initiatives you can get behind? Then please consider joining or renewing your membership with American Mothers, Inc. Invite your friends to join too, and lets start making a difference for moms in our communities and around the country.


Headshot of Rebecca Latham the CEO of American Mothers

Rebecca Latham is the CEO of American Mothers, Inc. and served as the 2017 New Mexico and National Mother of the Year®. She lives in Albuquerque with her husband and two children and enjoys audio books, stretchy pants and time spent in the mountains.