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It Takes a Mom: Pouring ourselves into people and things we love

May 30, 2024

Harnessing our powerful and unique maternal energy in our every day is what makes moms so special. Most of the time it’s involuntary, and sometimes it takes all our effort to use it. But, one thing is true—this energy is inherent in all of us. Through our American Mothers, Inc. network we’ve seen so many excellent instances of where this maternal energy has impacted the lives of people and communities. 

So, the team at American Mothers has pulled together a few gems from the incoming 2021 state honorees—a little nudge for those who are looking for it! These moms have so much wisdom to share, and we can’t wait for all of you to meet and connect with them. 

Here are excerpts from our question to them: In your experience, what’s the first step in tapping into our maternal energy to positively impact lives around us?

Motherhood requires giving so much of ourselves daily so the first step in being able to impact others is to make sure our cups are overflowing.

Recognize that maternal energy is inherent in us
Recognizing that we have maternal energy is the first step. Every woman, whether she recognizes it or not, has maternal energy, even if she’s not a mom; biological, adoptive, or foster. How we use our maternal energy will be unique for each of us… we must identify the appropriate and most effective ways for us to use it in accordance with our own unique gifts and passions.

Consider our community with love, empathy, concern, and care
The first step is to view others as your immediate family members. Whether you are a mother or not, thinking of others as precious family instantly changes your perspective. Would you want your sibling, your parent, your partner, or your child to experience what they are going through? Are you able to create change or take action to help them? There are no small acts of service. Using your innate gifts of loving and caring for others will create positive ripples in your community that know no bounds.

Create a mission statement for our lives
I believe we need to create a mission statement and a vision for our lives. All too often we don’t have a MOM identity. We just exist without any goals and wait for parenting to come at us head-on. However, in every other aspect of our lives, we have a role with a clearly defined vision. I think we will have such a more dynamic impact as world changers once we clearly define what we want our impact to be and how our legacy will look.

Make sure our cups are overflowing
Motherhood requires giving so much of ourselves daily so the first step in being able to impact others is to make sure our cups are overflowing. A person can’t pour from an empty cup, so taking care of our health—mentally, physically, emotionally, and even financially—is paramount to ensuring we can be our best selves. This means being intentional about our wellness and regularly availing ourselves to spaces, activities, and practices that are enriching and empowering.

Connect with curiosity and compassion
The first step in tapping into my maternal energy is a desire for connection followed by curiosity and compassion. As I intentionally seek to connect with others, I become interested in learning more about the experiences I encounter that are different from my world view. In learning different perspectives or adopting a new way of seeing a situation I am able to grow in compassion and respond from a place of empathic positive regard.

And lastly, take time to recognize what we need for ourselves to be there for others. Time is an anomaly for most of us, but taking time is important. This could mean time to look inwards and pulling to the top what’s important to you and who’s significant in your life. Or, it could be time to write down what resources or support you’re looking for to thrive for your community. If you feel you have an urge to do something but don’t know where to start, talk to people around you and listen to what aspirations they have and how you can be a part of fulfilling them. Let these be your guide, and follow what your mom instincts tell you!

If you’d like to share stories or wisdom around harnessing maternal energy, please email us at We’d love to hear from you!