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The Golden Rule Movement encourages moms

Spread Kindness…Learn About The Golden Rule Movement

May 30, 2024

The Golden Rule Movement encourages moms to do what they do best…teach kindness to others.

The Golden Rule Movement creates a more positive and empathetic culture in America by empowering, educating, and inspiring women to lead by example and model kindness and compassion through volunteerism and acts of service in their local communities.  American Mothers is helping encourage this Movement by providing charitable and communications support for programs which benefit mothers and children through the Golden Rule Grant.

Join the Movement. Show us what YOU are doing in our communities to make this world a better place. Help make the #MomNation proud.

Get Involved: Be part of the Golden Rule Movement and be a champion of the Golden Rule by sharing stories of compassion and kindness in your homes, schools, and communities via social media using the hashtags #MomNation and #GoldenRule.  We will follow these #hashtags and share your stories via our social media channels, in the #MomNation E-Newsletter and the American Mother Magazine.  So much goodness exists in our world and moms are the perfect people to share these amazing stories.

Golden Rule Grants:  Do you volunteer with an organization that exemplifies the Golden Rule?  American Mothers would like to help you help others and increase the reach of the Golden Rule Movement!  American Mothers has reached out to philanthropic foundations to help us expand this important message and is launching the Golden Rule Grant.

You can apply for a Golden Rule Grant that will help you increase your reach! Contributions are made to organizations involved primarily in health and human services and civic and community programs that impact mothers and children. Funding requests for capital projects will not be considered. Applicants can only apply on behalf of programs that are sponsored by a 501(c)3 non-profit.  The grant does not fund individuals.  Official AMI state associations may submit an application but will not receive preferential treatment.

Organizations that receive grants will be featured in American Mothers social media, #MomNation e-Newsletter and The American Mother Magazine to continue to highlight the efforts of the Golden Rule Movement and moms spreading the message of kindness to others.

Submit your online application beginning Mother’s Day of 2017.