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Teaching Thankfulness

May 30, 2024

Thanksgiving is such a beautiful holiday. It is a time to remember our bountiful blessings and to give thanks with our family and friends.  There are so many ways that mothers throughout the country have reminded their families to take time to give thanks.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Nine Ideas for Teaching Your Children to be Thankful This Year – PRAY: Start their Thanksgiving Feast with a prayer of gratitude.

– AROUND THE TABLE: Go around the table having each person say something they are thankful for or that they have learned this year.

– DRAW: Hang a blank posterboard (or blank canvas) on the wall or butcher paper as a table cloth on the kids table, and have everyone draw something they are thankful for.

– MAKE A TREE: Make a THANKFUL TREE, have everyone write something they are thankful for on a leaf and hang the tree on a poster or on your sliding glass door. (You can buy pre-cut leaves at the Dollar Store.)

– APPRECIATION DINNER: The night before Thanksgiving, have a modest dinner of rice and beans, the famine before the feast. Watch Youtube Videos that remind your children that not all children have beds to sleep in or food to eat.

– COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS: Start a long list of things you are grateful for and see how high you can get.

– THANK YOU CARDS: Have a table set aside where friends/family can write Thank You Cards, include markers, stickers, stationery, envelopes, and stamps.

– GROUP HUG: Before you eat pie, have a family group hug. Tell each other how much you love each other and how thankful you are for one another.

– TAKE A PICTURE OR A VIDEO: Remember to take pictures of you and your mother, children, or grandchildren and share them on social media and post them to our Facebook page using #ThankfulForMom.