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We All Need to Step In and Help Kinship Families Flourish

APRIL 10, 2023
Lina Michaud is the 2019 Maine Mother of the Year®

“Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would most likely be worth it.”

A quote written by Harvey MacKay, brings forth a message that is of great importance and value, especially in today’s, society.

Do you realize, that throughout our country, today, there are 2.6 million grandparents raising their grandchildren? These grand-families are living on fixed incomes, postponing their lives, their retirement and their dreams of the golden years have vanished. Their bank accounts are drained, their homes have been refinanced, all because they chose to step in, to be present and to be the voice of their grandchildren.  Kinship Families, throughout America, are living, one day at a time, not knowing what tomorrow will hold. Their one goal is to keep their family, together.

The rising problems that continue to sweep across our nation, ranging from alcoholism and drug abuse – to – domestic violence, has created the need for Kinship support.  These problems are jeopardizing our core family units, devastating our local communities and weighing down our welfare systems.

We need to unite, as a country, to strengthen family bonds and provide support systems, that will embrace and encourage young parents and families to grow and flourish, to new and heightened levels.  Equally, as important, is the need for communities to have a vested interest in our children by engaging with them through  mentoring and After School Programs, as well as, providing them with other resources beyond their family units. 

We have all heard the old African Proverb, “That it takes a Village to raise a Child.” 

It surely does and we must step in and be that Village.

No more placing the blame on others. It’s our responsibility to guide our children and help them build a solid foundation, that will allow them to carry on the family torch.

“Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would most likely be worth it.”

Lina Michaud was born and raised in the Capital City of Augusta, Maine. She grew up in a family of 10 children and claimed her spot as a “middle” child, early on, as she cared for and nurtured her younger siblings. Lina graduated High School in 1979 and directly went into the workforce. When Lina married and started a family, she realized that she wanted to be home to raise her children and started a successful in-home daycare. During this, time period, Lina also, decided to further her education and enrolled in the local University to attend night classes. After 12 years of persistence and dedication to her goal, she attained an Undergraduate Degree in Human Services and later became a Licensed Social Worker and Advocate for Children. Lina is a proud Wife, Mother and “Memere” to 3 precious grandchildren. She enjoys a fulfilled life surrounded by family and friends.


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