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Emily Brooks is the 2018 North Dakota Mother of the Year with her family

We care for others’ needs. It’s who we are as mothers.

APRIL 10, 2023

Emily Brooks is the 2018 North Dakota Mother of the Year with her familyI find it hard to not have a desire to fulfill the needs I see present in my local community, and the world as a whole. As mothers we are used to being tuned into other people’s needs through the care we give to our families. Some people talk of a mother’s intuition, and I believe it is a well-honed skill achieved through our life experience. We might be able to see needs arise before others do simply because that’s how we’re wired. Using that skill to help others is something we all are called to do.

We see so many people in this world hurting. Throughout humanity there has been hunger, violence, and heartbreak. When the news tells us of the ills of the world, it is hard not to feel a sense of overwhelm wondering what can be done to solve these problems. Let’s be present. Let’s observe what needs to be done, so we can help.

We care for others’ needs. It’s who we are as mothers. It is built in to our DNA so to speak. We have a deep sense of longing to stop the hurt, and end the heartbreak. The care we show for our families is in our hearts and always on our minds. When I’m away from my children, my mind starts to wonder of my family’s wellbeing. It’s not something I consciously plan, but it’s engrained into who I am now that I’m a mother. This care and concern is something that extends to others when I see a need arise.

We serve others’ needs because we care. While we might not be able to solve all of the world’s problems, we can make a difference in someone’s life. Whether we do this by serving our families, our community, or partnering with others to solve larger global issues, we can offer our service to the greater good of others.
In my life, I feel blessed that the desire to make a difference in the lives of others was instilled in me by my parents at a young age. I could spend hours telling stories of all they’ve done to help make others’ lives better.

I would like to share at least one recent story as a small example of the difference they’ve made in another’s life. They came across a young woman that never smiled because she had lost her front tooth several years before. My mom and dad soon planned a fundraiser for this young lady, had our family dentist replace her front tooth, and hosted a lunch celebrating her. She came to the event and spoke of how she was so thankful to feel confident smiling again after years of trying to hide her smile.

In my own life, I’ve been blessed to be able to carry on my family’s tradition of helping the greater good of society. One example of this is through my leadership in the FM Modern Sewing Guild. We partnered with a local university nursing professor to help sew sanitary pad kits for women and girls in Africa. Her students then went to Kenya to explain proper care and hygiene during a time that would normally prevent girls from attending school.

My goal in life is to pass this desire to help and serve others down to my children like my parents did for me. If we could all do that as mothers, could imagine the world we’d live in? When we instill deep empathy and compassion in our children we create a better future for the next generation. Because we see, we care, and we serve the world is a much better place.

Emily Brooks is the 2018 North Dakota Mother of the Year.  You can read more about Emily HERE.