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Mothers will discover and share their natural abilities to elevate future generations.



Mom to Mom

Your donation will help expand the Education program that will provide a variety of ways that mothers can connect with other mothers, including the American Mothers: Mom to Mom Podcast, speakers, panel discussions, classes, and workshops. We will also be able to expand our website to provide this information when the mother needs it most.


Golden Rule Movement

You can help American Mothers implement our mission and goals as we expand the Golden Rule Movement and encourage kindness among family members and within the community. Your donation will also support other non-profit organizations as they provide services for the common good of mothers and children. No contribution to the Golden Rule Fund is too large or small. Grant recipients are traditionally announced during the annual Gala at the conclusion of our annual convention.


Honor Mothers

Donate in honor of your mother or another special mother in your life. Our goal is that all mothers know they are valued and honored through two specific avenues: the Mother of the Year® award and the 5th Grade Essay Contest that addresses the question: “What My Mother Means to Me.” The mothers who are recognized by American Mothers share their stories of courage, strength, overcoming hardships, and enduring many challenges that lift and encourage mothers of all ages. Mothers should be honored in all stages of motherhood, and you can be a part of that. We sincerely appreciate your generosity in helping AMI serve the 85 million mothers of America.



Your gift to the endowment ensures the long-term success of American Mothers, Inc. Each contribution to the endowment will go directly to growing the principal of the fund, whose interest is designed for the benefit of the annual operating revenue of the organization.



Thank You For Believing Mothers and Families Have An Essential Value.


American Mothers Inc® makes every effort to honor individual donation requests. It is important to note that donated funds may be directed to another purpose based on operational need and the discretion of the AMI Board of Directors.