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What is your favorite memory as a mother?

There are probably so many, but my favorite may be finishing my Master’s degree. Tyler was 5 and Teddy was just turning 1, and I was taking online classes because I was a full-time single Mom. There was no party, and no one to really celebrate with. I worked full time, went to school full time and had the kids. I logged out of my classroom on that final night, and took the kids to dinner. They were too young to understand the gravity of what I had just completed, but I couldn’t have been more full of joy.

Are there any celebrity moms you would rate as a “Perfect 10?”

I absolutely appreciate Michelle Obama. Regardless of your politics, Mrs. Obama used her platform to raise awareness of obesity issues facing America’s youth, which especially affects minorities and the under-privileged. She famously expanded the White House vegetable garden and created the program, Let’s Move! Are her children perfect? I don’t know. Probably not. No children really are. But in those accomplishments, I see something that I can take on with my own children to improve the community that we live in.

What is the craziest thing one of your kids has done?

Eating wasabi. Paint in the dishwasher. Donuts in the toilet. Crayons in the freezer. Taking a bath with all of his clothes on. To the dismay of his older brother, my nine year old finds all of these things to be perfectly normal.

What was your biggest misconception about being a mom?

…having control over your kids! Sure, my children listen and are respectful, but that doesn’t mean that I get to choose who they are and what they want. One of the best things about being a Mom is watching your children figure themselves out. My youngest son spent the first six years of his life in costume – Church, school, Thanksgiving – everywhere. Now he is an amazing athlete. Separately, my oldest son plays several instruments and has flourished into a wonderful musician. By allowing them to choose their own destiny, they are becoming the best version of themselves.

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