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Brook Bassan's family photo

Charitable Cause: Horizons Albuquerque

What is your favorite memory as a mother?

When our first son was one year old, he walked through the screen door to our back patio completely knocking it off the track. He fell down and began crying. We quickly helped him and repaired the screen. Within minutes, he did the same thing all over again. It was at this point my husband looked at our son and told him, “If you are going to be stupid, you better be tough.” This one simple moment created a family motto, which we say and use often.

What is the best or worst “mom purchase” you’ve ever made and why?

I am so thankful I purchased a U-Shaped Pregnancy support pillow while pregnant with my twins. In what becomes an incredibly uncomfortable time in life, it brought more relief than I imagined. I also used it regularly to nurse and kept it long after it was necessary. Although I was so sad to get rid of it, my husband was quite happy to have more room in the bed once again.

What is the craziest thing one of your kids has done?

While I was at a conference in Rhode Island and my husband was in charge of our four children, I received a photo showing an image of our toilet overflowing the bathroom with an abundance of bubbles. He was asking me how to clean up the massive mess, which was caused by our younger children adding an almost full bottle of bath bubbles to the toilet water. Some or all of the boys kept flushing thinking it would rid the problem when actually it became quite worse. When mom is away, the boys will play.

What was your biggest misconception about being a mom?

My biggest misconception about being a mom was that I would do it better. It is so easy to judge others before having similar or new experiences. It does not take long to become humbled and understand that not every situation is as easy as we once imagined while on the outside looking in. There are many layers to parenting which we only begin to understand as start peeling away each layer from personal experiences. Now I know that even though I may not “do” motherhood better, I sure am doing it to the best of my ability.

Brook Bassan, 2019 New Mexico Mother of the Year with her family