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Diane Maher's family photo

Charitable Cause: Children’s Home Society

What is your favorite memory as a mother?

The most powerful “Mom” memories I have are each of my 3 kids’ birth stories. They are each unique and a testament to the wonder of biology and strength of our bodies – but not to be shared here. My other favorite memories stem from a 3,000 mile cross country camping trip from South Dakota to California . While we saw many amazing things, my favorite memory is of the kids playing in the Pacific Ocean, with the sun glittering on the water and our youngest playing in the waves as she experienced the ocean for the first time.

What is the best or worst “mom purchase” you’ve ever made and why?

After my first child was born, we needed a highchair and the purchase taught me an important lesson. I had spent HOURS looking at high chairs on websites and in stores, trying them out, debating on whether it would work in our tiny kitchen – and how much money to spend. After the 100th phone call to my husband, he calmly said, “Diane, it’s a high chair, just buy one”. This experience made me realize that my world had become focused inward and that I needed to broaden my perspective – and just pick a chair!

What was your biggest misconception about being a mom?

I knew that I was ready for parenthood when I realized that I was desiring to love a child of all ages: infant, toddler, school age, and yes, even a teenager. I knew that there would be many “phases” to parenting, but I didn’t comprehend how frequently those phases would change and how adaptable we would need to be. I also did not fully appreciate the difficult work-life “balancing act” required as a parent.