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Lynette Stuart, 2019 Illinois Mother of the Year with her family

Charitable Cause: Hope School

What is your favorite memory as a mother?

The first time I met each of my three girls for the very first time. Each one was different but, I’ll never forget those memories.

Are there any celebrity moms you would rate as a “Perfect 10?” Why?

This was a hard one for me to think about, but then I thought about Joanna Gaines. I love watching her show Fixer Upper. The way she interacts with her children, the brief snippets that we get to see is so great. So if I had to give someone a 10, it would be Joanna.

What is the best or worst “mom purchase” you’ve ever made and why?

The worst purchase I’ve made, was letting my daughter talk me in to ordering her homecoming dress online. Never ever again will I do that. When you can’t try on something that important, especially for an occasion as such, you should never buy. But she pleaded and I folded. The old cliches (live and learn) came to mind.

If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what would you ask?

My question would be, “What the true story is behind the John F. Kennedy assassination?”

What is the craziest thing one of your kids has done?

My oldest daughter was in 2nd grade at the time. She decided without telling us that she’d take her piggy bank to school, and hand out money to some of her classmates. Some got a $20, some got $10 dollar bills, $5, and so on. Finally her teacher got wind of what was going on, and made all the kids give the money back. That’s when I got a phone call. From then on I told my daughter that her piggy bank would be kept in my room until she was old enough to know better. It’s funny now.

What was your biggest misconception about being a mom?

For me, since I’m a stay-at-home mom. I thought that being a stay-at-home mom meant I was going to have so much free time on my hands. But as a young mom that notion was soon doused with reality. I have to make time to just sit and do nothing. There’s always something to be done as a mom.

What is the most useless or unique talent you have?

The most useless talent I have is that I can curl my tongue. I don’t know why, it serves no purpose. But it’s intriguing to some.