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Mothers united for good are powerful and effective!

We invite YOU to join American Mothers today. Create a local chapter of American Mothers in your town and join women across this nation who are championing motherhood and serving in their communities.

What do you need to start a local chapter of American Mothers?

It is simple really!

As you affiliate with American Mothers, we will help your chapter of AMI to receive 501c3 tax exempt status providing you with legal guidelines for effective nonprofit governance, and we will give fundraising training and advice as needed.

At American Mothers, Inc. we value the contribution that mothers around our country are already making and we attest that there is power in uniting with a national force of women. Our goal is to make AMI a place where we can share service ideas and promote the causes that mothers in our country are passionate about.  As you join American Mothers nationally you are becoming part of an organization with a rich history and great potential for impact. American Mothers, Inc. is a non-partisan, charitable organization that is a strong voice in our nation’s capital and at the United Nations, championing the role of MOTHERS in our homes, at work, and in our community. We believe that mothers are changing the world for good every day and we invite YOU to join us as we do more than march, WE SEE, WE CARE, WE SERVE.

What Do American Mother Local Chapters Do?

Mother Friendship Luncheons

Ann Jarvis was a mother who cared for wounded soldiers- both Union and Confederate during the Civil War. Following the war, she vowed to do her part to heal her fractured country by hosting “Mother’s Friendship Day” where she invited women from the North and the South to join her for lunch. Her daughter, Anna Jarvis continued the task of honoring and uniting mothers in an effort to continue her mother’s work. The first Mother’s Day celebration occurred on May 10, 1908, with events in Grafton, West Virginia. When Anna Jarvis could not attend the West Virginia event, she did send a large number of white carnations to the festivities, which were her mother’s favorite flower, to show her support.  The Jarvis women envisioned MOTHERS’ DAY celebrations where women across the country united past political differences in friendship and understanding.

American Mothers can see the need for Mother Friendship Luncheons in our communities today!

Giving Circles: The American Mother Model for Collective Community Giving

A growing trend among American Mothers is to unite together in Mother Giving Circles. Giving Circles are collective groups of mothers, large and small, who are changing the face of community philanthropy across the United States! The concept is simple. Meet for lunch and donate money collectively to aid a project of American Mothers, for example the Golden Rule Grant Fund, American Mothers 5th Grade Essay Contest, or funds for a sponsorship of a State Mother of the Year and/or her designated charity of choice.

-Mothers gather!

-Mothers give!

-Mothers donate!

Giving circles exercise philanthropy by and for their communities. It is estimated that giving circles have donated over $1.3 billion dollars to local nonprofits since their inception.

Recognize Inspirational Mothers in Your Community

American Mothers are committed to giving mothers the public recognition they deserve for the good that they do!

Mother of the Year: Every year, mothers are  NOMINATED  across the country for Mother of the Year and Mother of Achievement awards. While only ONE woman can represent your state as the official Mother of the Year, local chapters provide a great opportunity for you to honor many mothers with awards and recognition.

5th Grade Essay Contest: American Mothers sponsors a national essay contest, where 5th graders write an essay entitled “What My Mother Means To Me”.  Local essay contest winners can receive recognition at local American Mothers events. Often state chapters take these winners to the Capital and have their elected representatives present them with official citations. The National winner is invited to read their essay at the American Mothers Annual Convention in April.

Mother of Achievement: Nominate a woman whose accomplishments have made a positive and significant impact in the lives of mothers and children at the state, national and international level.

Serve Together!

American Mothers has a long history of service in the community whether you are making blankets, cleaning a park, teaching parenting classes, or hosting an event, a small group of dedicated mothers can make a big difference.

Join American Mothers Today!


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We see. We care. We serve.

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