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Paula Miksa, 2018 South Carolina Mother of the Year®

April 18, 2018


Meet Paula Miksa, 2018 South Carolina Mother of the Year®!

Paula is the mother of four children, Heather (age 21), Willow (age 12), Dominic (age 11) and Wren (age 10). Heather was adopted into the family at the age of 11 and is now living on her own and has one daughter (Braleigh, age 1). Paula married Ron 5 years ago and is in the process of adopting Willow and Wren. Paula has been a Physician Assistant for 15 years. She is currently an Associate Professor and the Director of Clinical Education at Lincoln Memorial University, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine’s Physician Assistant Program. She enjoys working with students and has a heart for missions in her local community and abroad. She is also on track to finish her Doctor of Medical Science degree in August 2018. She is very active in her church and serves in Sunday school as a Care Group leader.

Paula’s Parenting Philosophy

My parenting philosophy is quite simple. I believe that children are a gift from God and should be cherished but in addition to that I believe God put all people on this earth to be the best we can be and make a positive impact on this world. I try to teach my children that we are always to do our best in every situation, which does not mean we have to be the best at everything but just do the best with the gifts God has given us. Whether that is school, sports, band or just being a good friend. The willingness to work hard and be a person of integrity are the most important attributes we can have and teach to our children. We also need to be willing to sacrifice our needs for the needs of others. My prayer for my children is that they will have an intimate relationship with Jesus and they will make a positive impact in this world for his Kingdom. If my children succeed in this area, my husband and I will consider their lives a success.  

Service in the Community

Paula has always loved missions and jumps at every chance to be involved in mission trips locally or in other countries. She has participated in numerous mission trips to Mexico, Uganda, Peru and Nicaragua as well as local missions across the US. Paula was a summer missionary while in college and she maintains it was definitely one of the highlights of her life.

Paula is a Physician Assistant (PA) and has represented her profession and her university as a member on the Tennessee Academy of Physician Assistant (TAPA) Board. She has been the Regional Area Representative, Secretary, CME Committee Co-Chair and is currently the TAPA House of Delegate Representative (HOD) to the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA). Paula is also a member of the Government Affairs Committee and the TAPA Statue and Rules Task Force to address Optimal Team Practice and TN PA’s. This committee has helped draft legislature for PA’s in TN that is currently being reviewed by the Senate Health and Welfare Committee. Paula says she is very excited about the difference they are making for PA’s in the state of Tennessee.

What Others are Saying About Paula

It comes as no surprise that my wife has been nominated for Mother of the Year. Her ability to provide the unique love and attention each of us need continues to amaze me. Whether it is sitting and playing Lego’s, working through homework, teaching our children how to cook, or providing an understanding ear to my crazy day, she has an uncanny ability to be able to take in a myriad of inputs and provide just the right amount of discerning wisdom and advice for every situation. 

I see her belief in hard work and how this impacts a person’s character making a lasting imprint on our children. She understands that the example we lead, and the expectation we set for our children, can have a great influence. By continuously challenging our children to work hard in school, chores, music, and sports, our children have already began to show a tremendous amount of self-reliance and the beginnings of self-motivation that will allow them to be independent contributors to the world around them.

Her educational efforts give our children a great example of hard work and dedication. By August she will have completed her Doctorate of Medial Sciences degree, which will be her third advanced degree, all while working full time, raising three children, and traveling almost 25% of the time for work. This constant study and drive for improvement of herself and her profession has grown her skills and her employer continues to reward her efforts with increased responsibilities and promotions…. Ronald W. Miksa

 Throughout all of the successes and challenges Paula and her family have faced, she always places her trust in God and seeks His will for their lives.  She returns love for hate and compassion for malice.  She works to improve the lives of others and encourages her family and friends to do the same.  She is worthy of the honor of being named South Carolina Mother of the Year.  Thank you for this opportunity to provide my letter of support. Stephanie Hull