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state mother of the year
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Meet Lisa Wilson, 2020 New York Mother of the Year®

February 21, 2020


Lisa Wilson is a wife and a mom to 2 amazing children. Family time is one of her most cherished moments, whether it be with her immediate family or combined with her two siblings and their families. Lisa’s oldest daughter, Emily (27) is an compassionate doctor of Occupational Therapy. Her youngest, Tyler (20) has an infectious smile and joy for life that he shares with the world. He has a rare progressive disease, Tango2, which was just “discovered” in 2017. Until that year is was under the umbrella of “unspecified Mitochondrial disease.” He has many medical concerns and global delays. Lisa has worked in the public school as a teacher’s aide in a special education program for 18 years. She feels helping others children is one way she can give back for all the amazing people who have helped her son along the way.

What is your favorite memory as a mother?

Oh there are so many good and bad, haha, to name just one memory is nearly impossible! From just the everyday moments, the oh so great handling of tantrums, to each of their milestones. graduation and to my daughter’s wedding. I hope many more to come! Celebrating with my children on the accomplishments is a treasure to me!! Yet being by their side when the need me, is just as important. I love our down times together laughing and being together.

What is the best or worst “mom purchase” you’ve ever made and why?

This didn’t start out as a bad mom purchase. I am a crafter/scrapbooker. I bought a beautiful Daughter scrapbook to mark special moments and words of wisdom when my daughter was is elementary school. She just recently got married at 27. I have yet to finish it, or should I say crack it open since I bought it! I still have time, right?

What was your biggest misconception about being a mom?

My biggest misconception about being a mom was and still is, there will be time to do that! Everyone tells you when you have a newborn to treasure the time because it goes by quickly. Man, they were right! We are always anxiously waiting for the next milestone to happen, rather than living in the moment.