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state mother of the year
Roxane Ferguson Rotary Picnic

Meet Roxane Ferguson, 2022 Delaware Mother of the Year®

February 25, 2022


Roxane Ferguson, Executive Director, Middletown Area Chamber of Commerce, has held numerous roles over her 35-year management career. She’s launched a non-profit organization dedicated to scholarship and entrepreneurship, leadership and networking groups. In 2015, she found the first Business Incubator and Collaborative Workspace in Delaware (that has generated 57 businesses, 197 new jobs, and $37 million in revenue). Her longtime service to the Rotary includes co-hosting a weekly radio show on community concerns, co-chairing a barrier-free Can-Do Playground initiative for children of all abilities; volunteering with senior communities; women’s initiatives, and serving as an Honorary Commander, Dover Air Force Base airlift wing. As an effective change agent and dedicated mom, she is an active member of the Delaware Press Association and a sports enthusiast. She enjoys visits to the Poconos and Cape Henlopen. Ferguson resides in Wilmington, Delaware, with her husband Kevin, children Alexis and Zachery and fur babies Oreo and Ella.

Who has been impactful in your journey as a mother? What lessons do you carry with you and share often through motherhood?

My mother has been the most impactful influence in my journey as a mom. I often find myself sharing the sentiments she shared with me growing up as a child, teen and young woman. As a busy mom, we knew that when she used your middle name, she meant business. Sometimes when she was really multi tasking, she would get frazzled and call our first name with the dog’s name as our middle name. We would laugh and all was right in the world. Laughter is one of the greatest gifts that you share with someone.

What continues to inspire you in your motherhood journey?

There are so many times I wish heaven had a telephone line. My mother was the first person that I always called with good news, sad things, personal challenges or just to chat. While I know that she is always with me, the little reminders like the penny I find heads up or the beautiful skyline when I need it most are the inspiration that keep me smiling, especially when I think of her. I always wanted to make my mom proud and the penny I found this past Sunday made me smile.

Share one of your favorite stories from motherhood?

We love family time and planning family vacations are the most fun. A few year ago, we asked our kids, Alexis and Zachery, what they would like to do and they both shared almost in unison, a cruise. When we asked them why they agreed on a cruise, they said that they loved going on cruises because we put our phones in the safe and get to have fun all day together with the activities and excursions. My husband, Kevin and I, high-fived and smiled. This anniversary vacation would be a very special one for sure!