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Oklahoma’s Dr. Lori Johnson-Vegas named 88th National Mother of the Year®

August 22, 2023
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Lori Johnson


Dr. Lori Johnson-Vegas has been named the 2023 National Mother of the Year®. She was awarded this honor by American Mothers, Inc. on April 22 during their 88th National Convention in Omaha, Nebraska. American Mothers, Inc. (AMI) is an 88-year-old non-profit organization whose mission is to recognize mothers and their positive impact on communities through the annual Mother of the Year® award.

Johnson-Vegas is a mother of two, a college professor, and a business owner who works as a Human Resources consultant and life coach. She is also a professional speaker, certified master resiliency trainer for the Air Force, and certified mental health first aid instructor. “Everything that I’ve learned working in corporate America…I learned first at home from my children and was able to take and transfer those skills into the work environment,” said Johnson-Vegas.

She says that being recognized as the 88th National Mother of the Year is a huge honor. “I will work so hard to be a positive representative for American Mothers, Inc and to be a voice for mothers everywhere,” said Johnson-Vegas.

Through her role as a life coach, in the Air Force and mental health field, Johnson-Vegas has greatly impacted the lives of those around her. She shared, “When I put my head on my pillow every night, I recall my day and say, ‘What did I do today to make a positive impact in the lives of others?’”

American Mothers has recognized inspirational moms from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands for over eight decades. From these state honorees, the National Mother of the Year® selection committee selects one to be named the National Mother of the Year® annually. The committee is comprised of diverse individuals from across the country who represent the business, education, government, religious, and/or non-profit sectors.

“We are excited to see Lori Johnson-Vegas join the legacy of our historic organization and our work. Each of our state honorees are truly remarkable mothers who embody a love and commitment for their family and community. While it’s never an easy decision for our selection committee, we believe Lori will be a strong representative to carry forward the voices of moms from across the country,” said Joyce Stevens, President of American Mothers, Inc.

While expanding on her experience growing up and marrying into the military, Johnson-Vegas shared, “As a seasoned Military Spouse, I have had the pleasure of mentoring other Military Spouses. Also, we are so blessed to participate as a Host Family in a “Home Away from Home” program created for our military service members who live in the dorms. I love being their ‘Home Away from Home’ mom.  They call me ‘Momma Lori’!”

About Lori Johnson-Vegas: Lori has spent her entire life in relocation mode. With her father in the Air Force, the family moved every two years. She has lived all over the world. After high school, Lori pursued her educational goals and obtained three degrees—a bachelor’s, a master’s, and a doctorate. She served in the USAF Reserves, then married into the military, and has continued traveling the world. She is the mother of two amazing young men, a college professor, and owns her own business where she is a Human Resources Consultant and Personal and Professional Life Coach. Lori is a professional speaker and has participated in numerous speaking engagements. She serves on the Board of Advisors for several local and national organizations, is a certified Master Resiliency Trainer for the Air Force, and is a certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor. (Information provided by Lori Johnson-Vegas)