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Meet Aisha Atkinson, 2023 Texas Mother of the Year®

March 30, 2023


Aisha Christa Atkinson is an elementary instructional coach in the Greater Houston area. Valedictorian of her graduating class, Atkinson earned an undergraduate degree in secondary English education from the University of Mount Olive in 2013. In 2020, she graduated from Texas A&M International University with a master’s degree in educational administration. A member of the Texas Council for Teachers of English Language Arts’ 2022-2024 Rising Leader cohort, committee chair for the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee of Fort Bend Independent School District, and a contributing writer for Education Week, the George Lucas Educational Foundation’s Edutopia, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Teacher2Teacher and Principal Project, Atkinson advocates and leads with the inclusivity and representation of multilingual and neurodivergent learners at the forefront.

What surprises you most about being a mom?

The journey of motherhood is an experience that is equal parts the daily responsibilities of raising our children punctuated by the bright moments of life-changing, perspective-shifting events. What has surprised me the most is how those moments are oftentimes not found in the grand spectacles of life, but rather in the smallest of moments. As I raise my son, I have found myself more appreciative of the little wins. My son’s progress might be developmentally delayed in comparison to his peers, but our joy in the enduring of his growth journey is never compromised by that.

What continues to inspire you in your motherhood journey?

I can say confidently that my mother will confess that her daughter can be stubborn when told that she cannot achieve something. That is why in 2017, when I was told that my son only had a 20% chance to live, I told my son, “Don’t listen; just keep fighting.” Now that he has grown older, a shift has happened within me. As my son discovers the world as a creatively-inspiring place with so much joy and curiosity, I now see motherhood through that lens. We’ve overcome a lot of dark, uncertain times to make it to brighter, happier times.

Share one of your favorite stories from motherhood?

In 2021, my best friend and I surprised Aries with a day trip to Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio. The Ultra-Accessible™ theme park is a space for guests of all ages and abilities to enjoy attractions that are designed to be inclusive for individuals who are mobile by wheelchair or walker. For the first time, I didn’t have to ask if it was okay to park his wheelchair somewhere or walk away disappointed. Enjoying ourselves to the fullest alongside others who share similar stories was such an empowering experience for us both that still brings tears of joy to my eyes.