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Meet Amy Jozan, 2023 Massachusetts Mother of the Year®

February 27, 2023


Amy Jozan (PhD) has always been passionate about law and social justice. She completed a BA in Criminal Justice in 2015 and after having a medically fragile child, she developed a fierce passion for forensic psychology, research, and advocacy. Amy Jozan pursued her MS and then PhD in forensic psychology while serving as guardian ad litem in North Carolina. Amy Jozan moved to Massachusetts in 2018 where she began fighting for vulnerable populations’ medical and legal rights. Amy has been involved in the Massachusetts Pediatric Home Nursing Care Campaign since 2019 and completed her PhD in forensic Psychology in 2020. Since completing her PhD, she started a research consultation business and works for Justice Resource Institute to serve children and families with serious emotional disturbances. Amy has research interest in supporting persons vulnerable to criminal justice contact, victimization, special needs rights, and supporting persons with mental health needs.

What surprises you most about being a mom?

I am always learning and adapting. My children grow and change constantly and in such individualistic ways. Parker has a disability and struggles with chronic pain but always has a sweet smile on his face. I have learned so much about life by realizing how authentic and genuine his happiness is despite his hardship. Finn, my youngest, shows me that he cares about others and has so much more introspection as he develops. The rewards of being a mother surprise me every day when I see my children change and grow into amazing people.

How has being a mom shaped your life?

Being a mother saved my life and has inspired others. When Parker was born with significant disability, I had to learn to be a nurse, therapist, case manager, advocate, doctor, and a mother. His light became my inspiration to help and serve others through seeking education, partnering, advocating for others, providing outreach to legislators, and outreach to other mothers of medically fragile children. Since having my children, I have changed my priorities and life has taken on a completely different meaning. My spirituality has also changed and become full of meaning.

Share one of your favorite stories from motherhood?

My youngest son’s teacher once told my family about a nonprofit agency (Magic Wheelchair) that has made wheelchairs into very fun and artistic costumes. I signed Parker up and the agency took on his costume. His wheelchair was turned into a beautiful under-the-sea theme. We had a big reveal in Stoneham and Chanel 6 covered the story. That night, I had never seen Parker so happy. It was a great day with my family. I have so many great memories.