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Alabama_Frankie Catie Lumpkin

Meet Catie Lumpkin, 2023 Alabama Mother of the Year®

February 6, 2023


Catie is an artist’s daughter. Early, she learned to recognize light against shadows. In youth she applied this through her struggles with depression. When she married Jamie, he called out her glory by seeing her giftings and character. God granted them three sons in three years. They then learned they would not parent again biologically. Catie and Jamie turned to their hometown, Birmingham, and chose to be light in the darkness. Over a decade, they parented 82 children aged birth to 19 years through foster care. In July 2018, they discovered they were adopting two daughters. That same week, they were shocked to learn they were also expecting their fourth biological child. Catie’s life today is a dance of repentance and faith. She is a student of Jamie and their children, as well as a firm advocate for vulnerable children throughout the state of Alabama.

What surprises you most about being a mom?

Mothers envision loving deeply and sacrificially. We plot the ways we will do things differently than what we have known, or we aim to be as wonderful as our own mothers. Instead, I found myself lacking and failing my children. The beautiful surprise came when I realized I did not have to be perfect for my children because true mothering is a dance of repentance and hope before your children and with them. We have the gift of modeling humility and authenticity, granting them the freedom to do the same.

Who has been impactful in your journey as a mother? What lessons do you carry with you and share often through motherhood?

God has granted me a tapestry of women who have walked with me. From my own mother and grandmothers to the many spiritual mothers in my life, their fingerprints cover my story as individual and as a mother. However, the most impactful person in my life as a mother is my husband, Jamie. Through our 22 years together, Jamie has modeled a walk of sacrifice and service. He leads our family in gentleness and kindness, reminding us not to be perfect, but to go to the One who got it perfect for us, Jesus.

How has being a mom shaped your life?

I regularly remind myself that “mother” is as much as verb as a noun. In order to embody the role of mother, I must daily practice the rituals and exercises of mothering. Once you enter this habit, you realize it does not end with the presence of your personal child, but it becomes a muscle to develop daily. Mothering is the paradigm of my life whether it be my own children, those in the community, or other mothers who need to be reminded they are capable of being strong and humble for their children.