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Headshot of Dr. Frances Ann Bailey, Virginia Mother of the Year 2023

Meet Dr. Frances Ann Bailey, 2023 Virginia Mother of the Year®

April 3, 2023


Born and raised on the eastern shore of Virginia, Dr. Frances Ann Bailey is a God lover, international Amazon best selling author, podcast host, international TEDx speaker, wife, mother, philanthropist, and an award-winning certified coach and certified Christian counselor. Dr. Bailey is the CEO of Frances Bailey Enterprises, LLC, and the founder of the nonprofit organization Red Door Empowerment. Frances seeks to help women who were once like herself to overcome life’s obstacles, break free from bondage, and recover from life’s setbacks to keep their zeal for purpose. Frances has her Bachelor of Science in criminal justice with a specialization in CJ management, a master’s in public administration, a doctorate in leadership, and a PhD in business administration and entrepreneurship. She is currently going for her master’s in Christian humanities and a doctorate in theology at the School of the Great Commission Bible College.

What surprises you most about being a mom?

The funny things that my children come up with and do. Each day it surprises me how much my children learn me and what make me laugh. They do their best everyday to make sure they crack me up. One of the biggest laughs was one day when my children said “Mommie we going to be like you and help other people who need food.” Later that weekend, I realized they went in the neighborhood and had given out all my water and their snacks to the neighbor’s children (their friends). Instead of being upset, I smiled.

What continues to inspire you in your motherhood journey?

When I hear my children giving feedback about how they love me so much to other children or even when they share unhappy new with their friends but learned a lesson in it, it inspires me to keep growing and learning on this journey. Being a mother at times, I feel sometimes that I may not be enough but that inspires me that I am enough and more to them. This is a journey and not a race. Journey through with grace.

How has being a mom shaped your life?

Being a mom has taught me how to truly love without conditions and have patience. It has given me a great sense of self awareness. Being a mother birthed the resilience that is within me. A lot of people say the problems gave them resilience and I wont say that it isn’t true but being a mom you don’t have a choice to be resilient. You have lives connected to you that requires you to push, overcome, and recover all. Being a mom has put me in position of being a positive mirror to impact the younger generation.