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Delaware_Latoya Harris

Meet Latoya Harris, 2023 Delaware Mother of the Year®

February 7, 2023


Latoya is a graduate of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore with a Bachelor’s in Biology, a Master’s in Healthcare Administration and a Certificate in Conflict Management and Negotiation from Walden University. Latoya is a devoted server to all individuals. She works as an In-Home Counselor for Wraparound DE where she provides counseling services to children and families experiencing substance abuse and mental health challenges. The goal of her work is to see children and parents reunified and healthy. However, her passion is community. Her heart for service and volunteerism led her down the path of non-profit ownership. In March of 2021, Harris founded Cornerstone Community Center, a non-profit organization developed to bring necessary information and resources to families. Above all she is a mother. As her family continues to grow (she is expecting her third baby in January), her volunteerism and service to the community have not changed. She remains a proud wife, loving mother, compassionate friend, and community activist.

Who has been impactful in your journey as a mother?

My grandmother and godmother have been very impactful in my journey as a mother. My mother passed when I was 9 and my grandmother and godmother worked together to raise me. My grandmother shared with me a love for family, which I share with my girls daily. My godmother shared with me a love for community, which has birthed my passion for community activism and volunteerism.

What continues to inspire you in your motherhood journey?

My girls continue to inspire me in my motherhood journey. Over the years, I have learned so much from being their mother. As a first-time mom, you always question if you will be good at this, but as time progressed I learned that being a loving and caring mother makes you a great mother.

Share one of your favorite stories from motherhood.

One of my favorite stories from motherhood is when my six-year-old daughter was awarded the Delaware youth volunteerism award. She goes on record as being the youngest to receive this award in our state. This was probably my proudest moment as a mother. I work daily to live my mantra Community Matters, and it does my heart well to see my girls showing love for their community and working to make the world a better place.