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Meet Lynnette Lamp, 2023 Maryland Mother of the Year®

February 23, 2023


Lynnette was born in Idaho as the youngest of four children. As a military child, Lynnette moved often until Maryland became more of a permanent home. Maryland is where she met the love of her life, her children’s father. Lynnette became pregnant her senior year of high school, however, she stayed in classes and ended up graduating with a 4.0 GPA. Lynnette became a mother at the ages of 18, 20, and 22 years old to three beautiful sons. At that time in life, Lynnette was working as a server in Annapolis so she could be able to care for her children in the morning and her husband could care for them in the evening as she worked. Lynnette became a widow at the age of 23 years old and has spent the last few years raising her children and continuing her education to fulfill her dream of becoming a licensed therapist.

What surprises you most about being a mom?

Something that still surprises me as a mom is those indescribable moments of love that I feel for my children. We can be at home hanging out together or in the car on the way to an event and my heart will swell up and bubble over with warmth. I have a lot of love for my children, and it still surprises me when I realize I have only tapped into that love, and it continues to grow in the most unexpected moments. God blessed me with these boys, and I still can’t believe that at times.

How has being a mom shaped your life?

Being a mom has given me a life filled with laughter, beauty, and love that I did not know of before. As young as I was at that time, the odds were stacked against me and my family. “You’re too young to be a mother” was something I heard frequently, and I decided that it didn’t matter how old I was, I was going to dive headfirst into this role to be the best mom I could be to my sons. Being their mom makes me a kinder, more patient, funnier, and happier person to share with the world.

Share one of your favorite stories from motherhood.

I knew how to care for my son in the exact way I wanted to do it. Whether it was changing his clothes or feeding him, my way was the right way. Once, I watched my husband place our son between his legs on the floor to change him and it hit me. There are so many ways to do things, and my way is not the only way to do it, it only matters if my son is being cared for. After this day, I was able to loosen up and let things happen as God intended them to.