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state mother of the year
Ashley Wilson, 2024 Alabama Mother of the Year.

Ashley Wilson

January 16, 2024



Ashley Wilson is the Executive Director and Founder of Curt’s Closet, a non-profit dedicated to providing free clothing, shoes and other necessities to children. Ashley founded Curt’s Closet to honor her late son, Curt, who was tragically killed by a drunk driver. Ashley believes that providing children in need with clean, in-style clothing is a great start to provide the confidence they need to succeed in life. Ashley is a graduate of Cullman High School and was recently awarded the Cullman City Schools Foundation Alumni Award for Distinguished Service and was named among the 2023 Women Who Shape the State in Alabama. In addition to her work at Curt’s Closet, Ashley is devoted to service to the Cullman community. She serves on several boards including the Cullman County Head Start Policy Board, the Voluntary Organizations in Active Disasters (VOAD) and Disabled Outdoorsmen USA of Alabama.

Parenting Philosophy

Parenting three boys as a single mother has been rewarding yet demanding experience. I believe you must recognize and celebrate each child’s unique strengths, interests, and personality. Each one of my sons carried their own style of each. You must encourage them to explore their passions and develop their own sense of self. Raising three boys, not having a male role model within the home, I wanted to demonstrate the qualities and values I wanted my boys to embody. As a parent, you must lead by example in areas such as kindness, respect, and integrity. Life becomes busy and hard, but your children should always know they are your priority. Giving a child security at home and showing you love and speaking it daily. I child can never have too much security or love. I believe as a parent we must show support in the child’s interests, hobbies, passions. Letting them choose their own and truly supporting them with your child. This helps them develop confidence skills and a sense of accomplishment. There is no one- size-fits-all approach to parenthood. Trust your instincts. Never hesitate to seek support when needed from trusted friends, family, or professional. It truly takes a community to raise a child.

Motherhood and Community

  1. Serving on the Advisory Board for Kids and Kin in Cullman has been very rewarding. Having the opportunity to better the community of families that are accepting the unselfish task of raising a family member’s child. Helping to put programs within the community to not only financially help these families but to also educate them to provide for the unexpected new member of the home, along with classes for kinships to learn of resources in our area.
  2. Volunteering on the Policy Board for Cullman City Head Start has been a blessing. I have had opportunities to meet with other parents in the community. Listening to their concerns and suggestions. Being able to improve our school system. Head Start is very important, it is the beginning of the children’s future. Ensuring the best teachers and faculty are in place and giving the most outstanding education to the children.
  3. I am a proud member of 2023 Leadership Cullman. Being able to serve in this group gives me opportunities to learn about services, family-owned businesses, organizations, along with so much more within our community. I will be able to take this knowledge to my workspace, home, and further out in the community.