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state mother of the year
Bridgit Patterson, 2024 Missouri Mother of the Year.

Bridgit Patterson

February 12, 2024



Bridgit Patterson pursued a career in Electroneurodiagnostics after her son, Colby, was diagnosed with epilepsy. She trained at the Institute of Health Sciences in Hunt Valley, Maryland and other institutes. Bridgit was appointed as the Program Director for the Epilepsy Foundation of Missouri and Kansas in 2015, and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences. She is dedicated to legislative advocacy and works diligently to secure funding for education and medications. Bridgit worked with Arkansas legislators to secure funding for seizure education and insurance reimbursements for the Vagus Nerve Stimulator, making it an affordable option to treat drug-resistant epilepsies. Bridgit strives to provide seizure education in the schools and bring best practices and resources to help school staff, teachers, transportation departments, and administrations better understand epilepsy to keep children safe and healthy. Bridgit holds a Youth Mental Health First Aid USA certification from the National Council for Mental Well-being.

Parenting Philosophy

Our parenting style often assimilates our upbringing. I had the best parents ever. My dad set the bar for my understanding of hero status. He had the best work ethic, serving his employees instead of the mindset that they served him. He was a strong businessman who cared for his family deeply. My mom suits him well. They will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in January. She did all the mom things impeccably: cooking, cleaning, running her own business, supporting her family with love and discernment while teaching discipline and always speaking encouraging words. Her relationship with Jesus and His Word is her compass. She taught me that too. She taught me the importance of expectations, listening attentively, encouraging independence, and being diligent. To find purpose, know my value, be consistent, and the importance of forgiveness and being forgiven. These things are the framework for raising my kids. They’re both miracles. Infertility comes with a price—a price of loss and heartache but also a never-ending gratefulness for such a precious gift. My parenting philosophy comes from God’s Word. I’m unsure if that has some big 21st-century title, but I’ve raised two of the most compassionate, genuine, loving, well-rounded, and appreciative kids I could ever ask for. Do we make mistakes? Sure we do. Do we learn from those mistakes? Absolutely. I’ve always taught them that everything in life is a choice and every choice comes with a consequence, whether good or bad, so choose wisely.

Motherhood and Community

When a passion and a career collide, it’s a beautiful thing. One of my favorite activities is Studio E: The Epilepsy Art Program. I began this program in 2015, and it’s still strong today. Studio E is for people with any epilepsy and at different stages of their epilepsy journey. Some are confident, while others struggle with stigma. Studio E offers unique ways for people with epilepsy to socialize with others and open up honestly about daily challenges in a trusting, expressive, and welcoming environment. Participants can express themselves through art and work with art professionals and others with epilepsy in a group setting. Our projects use a variety of mediums, allowing each individual to strengthen their artistic voice as they learn from others. They develop confidence as they raise awareness about the realities of living with epilepsy. Our Beat the Odds Epilepsy Gala and Seize the Day 5K Run/Walk are two other events that hold the same meaning for me. They bring together a community of physicians, industry partners, friends, and families. These people develop trust, genuine connections, and lifelong friendships. These connections mean the world to me. I remember when my son, Colby, attended the 5K years ago when I was just a volunteer. We won 1st place in the fundraising category. On the way home, he said, “Mom, I didn’t realize so many people cared.” I’ve made it my life’s mission for people to know they are loved and supported, and I will champion their cause. Such deep-rooted passion comes from my relationship with Jesus Christ, a surrendered journey. To know what God’s Word says about living out that relationship while sharing knowledge and encouragement is simple obedience. While this season of life and service has changed from the church setting, it continues as I care for my mom with terminal cancer and my dad struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease. These acts of service have positively influenced my children. My daughter is a Special Education teacher, serving those with special needs, while Colby has a love for farming and lends his talents to assist with high school football.