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Brittany Orr, 2024 South Dakota Mother of the Year.

Brittany Orr

February 12, 2024



Brittany was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. She grew up with three sisters and wonderful parents and spent the majority of her time outside of school playing soccer and basketball. She graduated from high school in Colorado and was awarded a scholarship to continue to play basketball in college from the University of South Dakota. She graduated with a bachelors in business administration and then completed a Master’s in business  administration from USD. Brittany moved to Yankton and began work at a local bank. About 15 months later she changed jobs to work for the City of Yankton where she has been employed for past 13.5 years. During that time, she married her husband Jason and a year later welcomed their first child, Knox. Over the next several years, they welcomed three girls, Harper, Kaeden and Alex to complete their family.

Parenting Philosophy

The role of a parent is the single most important role any person can have in shaping a child. My most important driving force in leading my family is to raise good kids with love and respect. Every conversation and discussion with our children are lead with the love we have for each child. When there is discipline needed, the message of love is communicated to explain regardless of their action or behavior, the love we have for each of them remains unchanged. My goal is to lead the growth of my children by example with always showing love, acknowledging my mistakes and being a good person to all that we have contact with. A constant message I have to my children is there are many times in life where they can’t control what is going on around them. They can only control how they react and how they treat others in the process with love and respect. The other message important for my children to understand is to always be grateful and appreciative of the life they have. Focusing on what is in front of them and not being concerned about what is in the past. The main thing is I always want my kids to understand how much we love them and that love remains unconditional.

Motherhood and Community

  1. 100 Women of Yankton Member – Different groups or organizations are nominated and five are chosen randomly to present at the meetings. Each member donates $100 and receives a vote from the presentations to be the receiving group for the money. This combined donation of $10,000 (or more) makes a real impact to an organization or non-profit in need. The mission and hope of 100 Women of Yankton is to provide for those in greatest need in the Yankton community.
  2. Yankton Basketball Incorporated (YBI) Board Member – YBI is a local non-profit corporation organized to manage the Hansen-Haas Basketball Tournament and various youth basketball offerings throughout the year. In additional to the annual tournament, YBI offers a youth basketball league for 1st-5th graders in Yankton and surrounding communities. YBI has a summer challenge where youth receive different prizes for the amount of time spend playing basketball over the summer. YBI uses the funds raised to grant $4,000 to $6,000 yearly in postsecondary awards to YHS and MMC students who actively participated with YBI programs. Throughout the years YBI has sponsored various groups with such things as “team send offs” for state basketball tournament teams, Yankton Science Olympiad, Yankton Special Olympics, Yankton Volleyball, CASA, and the Yankton National Guard Unit events. YBI has purchased and provided installation for stat boards and shot clocks in the YHS gym, and video equipment and flat screen monitors for YHS and MMC. YBI continues to financially support YHS Buck and Gazelle Basketball Teams through yearly support of equipment and summer camps.
  3. Volunteer coach for youth soccer and youth basketball teams – Each year I commit to coaching at least 10 different recreation and competitive level teams. As an individual who has received the benefits that come with youth sports, this is the volunteer opportunity that provides me with the greatest impact on direct involvement of shaping the youth I work with. The positive impact of being involved in youth sports provides me with the motivation to always use my time to give back to this wonderful cause.