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Carmen Menard, 2024 Vermont Mother of the Year.

Carmen Menard

February 13, 2024



Carmen Menard is dedicated to helping women who are pregnant and in crisis. She serves as the Executive Director of Futures Pregnancy Care center. As the Executive Director, Carmen offers support and compassionate care as she provides affirming options, information, and education for women and men who are facing  unexpected pregnancies. She has been married to her husband Richard for 35 years, and is the mother of one son. Carmen has supported her son through his many athletic activities. She has also worked with several civic organizations to raise funds for the community, as well as provide needed food distribution.

Parenting Philosophy

I believe children should be loved and also with some consequences for bad behavior. Children should learn responsibilities and parents should follow through with consistency.

Motherhood and Community

  1. Always being at children’s (my son’s) athletic activities and intermingling with other parents.
  2. Running a pregnancy center and helping women who are pregnant and in crisis.
  3. Working with civic organizations for fundraisers as well as food distributions, etc.