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state mother of the year
Cheri Jrolf, 2024 Florida Mother of the Year.

Dr. Cheri Jrolf

February 12, 2024



Dr. Cheri Jrolf is a board-certified physician assistant with over 26 years of clinical experience in general and specialty medicine. She then completed her Doctorate of Medical Science at A.T. Still University, focusing on education. She is interested in preventative medicine and obesity management and has created several patient education programs. She is the mother of four boys, who keep her active as they are involved in football and baseball and participate in local community service. She is passionate about youth sports and has volunteered for many years for numerous youth athletic programs. Dr. Jrolf is a Medical Director and volunteers her time at the Special Olympics. She has also helped at a local thrift store and food bank serving Hillsborough County. Dr. Jrolf participated in a medical mission to the Dominican Republic with One World Surgery and Village Medical, where they served the local community to help close the gap in medical care.

Parenting Philosophy

As a mother of four boys deeply involved in the medical field and the community, my parenting philosophy revolves around balance, empathy, and engagement. I believe in fostering an environment that encourages individual growth and collective responsibility. In my household, balance is paramount. With four active boys, it’s crucial to find equilibrium between academics, sports, and leisure. I encourage open communication to understand their interests and concerns, allowing us to tailor their schedules accordingly. Empathy is another cornerstone. Working in the medical field has reinforced the importance of compassion. I teach my boys to respect and empathize with others, understanding that each person’s journey is unique. Volunteering for the Special Olympics and local food bank exemplifies this value, showing them the significance of giving back and supporting those less fortunate. Engagement within our community enriches our lives. Through involvement in the Special Olympics, my boys learn the value of inclusivity, celebrating diversity, and embracing challenges with grace. Volunteering at the food bank instills gratitude and humility, highlighting the impact of small acts of kindness. I emphasize education as a lifelong pursuit. My medical background drives the importance of knowledge, but I also stress emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and adaptability. These skills empower my boys to navigate life’s complexities with confidence. Ultimately, my philosophy centers on nurturing well-rounded individuals who value kindness, empathy, and hard work. By balancing personal growth, empathy for others, and community engagement, I aim to raise my boys to be compassionate, responsible, and socially conscious members of society.

Motherhood and Community

Over the past years, I have actively engaged in a diverse range of activities that have left a positive imprint on my life, family, and community. As a member of the Youth Athletics Board of Directors since 2012, I have contributed to fostering youth development through sports, instilling discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills. This engagement not only impacted my personal growth but also positively influenced the lives of countless young athletes and their families. My contributions extended into the academic realm as well. Since 2020, I have been actively involved in the University of Nebraska PA Program as a bio reader for admission applications. By evaluating prospective students’ bios, I have played a role in shaping the next generation of medical professionals, reflecting positively on my family’s support for educational endeavors. My dedication to inclusivity and support for diverse groups was highlighted through my participation in Special Olympics from 2022. This involvement not only enriched my own perspective but also had a profound impact on my family, fostering compassion and empathy. Global outreach became a part of my journey too. Through participation in the Village Medical/One World Surgery Dominican Republic Medical Mission in July 2022, I directly contributed to enhancing healthcare access in underserved communities. This experience left a lasting impression on my family, emphasizing the importance of global citizenship. Lastly, my contribution to the Military Awareness Project at LMU in May 2023 highlighted the importance of honoring service members. This endeavor instilled a sense of patriotism in my family and peers, fostering a greater appreciation for those who serve. In summary, my involvement in diverse activities spanning sports, health, education, global outreach, and community service has not only impacted my personal growth but has also positively influenced my family’s values and our community’s well-being. Through my actions, I have strived to exemplify the significance of engagement, empathy, and dedication to meaningful causes.