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state mother of the year
Jennifer Parsons, 2024 Delaware Mother of the Year.

Jennifer Parsons

February 12, 2024



Jennifer Marie Parsons is a Consultant working with an organization to address complex social concerns to create a healthier community. She serves her community as a board member for the Sussex County Health Coalition, Co-Chair of the Economic Mobility Task Force. She is an active committee member of Behavioral Health Task Group, Drug Free Committee, Health Committee, Sussex Early Childhood, Youth Engagement, Sussex Pride, and Kent and Sussex Strong Community Initiatives. Parsons is also involved with Sussex Communities of Hope, Sussex Housing Group, Housing Alliance of Delaware Continuum of Care, Delaware Goes Purple, Healthy Delaware and the Delaware Health Literacy Council. Parsons leads with a passionate heart focusing on the underserved, marginalized, multilingual communities to ensure everyone has a seat and a voice at the table. She is a proud resident of Sussex County. Married to the love of her life for 24 years, they have two adult sons and have been blessed with three grandsons.

Parenting Philosophy

I believe being a parent is the greatest gift one can be blessed with. My philosophy is the following. Never give up on your children. Ever. No matter what the decisions or circumstances that may arise, as a parent you should always be their soft place to land. Providing support in whatever manner you are able too. Secondly, always be kind and listen. Be kind and listen to your children. Even at an early age, they have their own opinions, thoughts, and dreams. Be sure to know that you are their cheer leader. My boys have taught me so many things and opened my world to such amazing things that I may have otherwise missed. Lastly, I would say to Keep the faith. Faith is the only thing you have when you do not have the answers. I am proud to be a mother and now a grandmother. However, it has not come without heartache, tears, adversity, and most importantly, unconditional love. As a parent my children are my greatest accomplishment.

Motherhood and Community

Being a single mother in the early years has provided an insight when working withing the community. Having a son who is part of the LGBTQ+ community has afforded me the knowledge and passion to serve this marginalized community. Lastly, a dedicated husband that has provided 24 years of public service has impacted our lives forever more. Shedding light on how blessed our family really is. Although they are not activities, I believe they have been and continue to be life lessons that have impacted our family for the better.