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state mother of the year
Leanna Lorden, 2024 New Hampshire Mother of the Year.

Leanna Lorden

February 12, 2024



Leanna was born and raised in New Hampshire. She earned her college degree in education, and met her husband, Brennen. The two married and welcomed the birth of their son soon after. Prior to their marriage, Leanna was a long-term substitute teacher. However, with no teaching positions available the following school year, her job search began again. She became employed at a non-profit in 2010 where she continues to dedicate her time to helping New Hampshire’s next generation by sharing her expertise and passion. Additionally, her job for the past 7 years has given her the opportunity to redefine her purpose as a professional and parent. Her work has exposed her to opportunities that have allowed her to build connections and community with many others, who share similar goals and visions. With that, her growing work experience in advocacy and leadership has strengthened her skill set as a leader and parent.

Parenting Philosophy

My parenting philosophy is twofold – conscious parenting mixed with the Good Inside parenting principle. This parenting philosophy began soon after I had my son and has progressed even more once I was able to acknowledge that our children are an extension of ourselves and believe that we are enough. Conscious parenting is about letting go of a parent’s ego, desires, and attachments. Instead of forcing behaviors on children, parents focus on their own language, expectations, and their self-regulation. The Dr. Becky Good Inside approach is very similar yet can also be applied to life. It reframes parenthood and adulthood in a new way. It instills an unshakeable belief that we are all good people at our core, even when we’re struggling. It allows us to recognize when we are struggling and need help. By implementing these philosophies, we can all grow into higher, wise, more conscious versions of ourselves. And the hope is that our hard work may forge a stronger parent-child connection. It’s not just about our kids growing up. It’s about US growing along with them.

Motherhood and Community

I have been working in the field of early care and education for over 13 years and have achieved success at all levels of the organization. Throughout my career, I have collaborated with private and public partners serving on local committees and boards and consider myself an example for all young people looking to become leaders in their organizations and communities. I feel that I understand the importance of community and my civic duty to uphold the community’s values and sustainability. Through my work, I feel I have demonstrated this by the following: – Represented White Birch Center and other child care agencies as a part of the NH delegation at the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Public Policy Forum in Washington, D.C. – Recent recipient of the Gwen & Henry Morgan Award for my commitment to professional development and improving the quality of care and education in NH. When I am not at work, I equally invest my time and expertise into my family and my community. Including supporting local emergency response providers, being involved with my son’s extracurricular activities, and advocating for my child’s needs, as well as mine. Where that advocacy started was when my mental health as a new mom was put in question. Understanding postpartum and perinatal mood disorders, partnered with the anxiety of parenthood was outside of anything I had thought of. When looking for the right help, becoming involved with postpartum support international, my PCP, and beginning a membership with Dr. Becky’s were lifesavers. With regular therapy, community support and medication, my condition vastly improved. While it may have taken me longer to come out onto the other side of postpartum, it made me acknowledge that it can affect any woman and mental health awareness and support are essential for new parents during this time of change. The love and support for the new baby is imperative, but what is equally important to acknowledge is that two new lives have been born – the baby and the mother. She too needs to be tended to, loved, and supported.