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state mother of the year
Marie Parente, 2024 Rhode Island Mother of the Year.

Marie Parente

February 12, 2024



Marie and Michael Parente have been married nine years. They have three beautiful children, ages 7 to 2 months. She has been a certified paralegal for 20 years. She is a former Miss Rhode Island International 2011, Mrs. Rhode Island United States 2019 and Mrs. Rhode Island American 2021. She is extremely passionate about putting a dent in childhood hunger and has worked tirelessly to help raise over 55,000 meals for No Kid Hungry. She has graced billboards in Time Square, New York City. She has met a standing president. Although, all these things are amazing, she cherishes being a mom above all. The best days of her life were the days she had her three children. Her children are her world. She spends most her days in leggings and a mom bun wearing the many hats of motherhood; caretaker, booboo healer, nurturer, confidante, social planner, and meltdown manager, etc. She wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Parenting Philosophy

My parenting philosophy is to be there for your children in the best way you are able; be present. Put your phone away and really listen to them… ask them how their day was and what they liked and disliked about it. You really can get a great understanding on things that they enjoy and things that are bothering them. I ask them this daily. I also realize the impact of a present parent, mom, in their lives. Someone who takes them to their dance practices and recitals, or is waiting for them after school. Your presence is so important when it comes to raising children. Additionally, I like to go over mantras at bed time, it helps raise children who now they are loved.

Motherhood and Community

One of my favorite activities has been raising money for No Kid Hungry, as well as just helping the community in general with food insecurity. I have done endless fundraisers but I’m most proud of the cereal drive I do a couple times a year. I put together a cereal drive that helps to donate cereal boxes (75 plus boxes) to a local Blessing Box and food shelter/pantry. I love knowing that I am making an impact to help end food insecurity. Additionally, this is a family event because my children watch me do this and see the impact. Lastly, my oldest daughter comes with me to these events and she has been personally involved with making bagged lunches for the homeless. You must practice what you preach. Most recently I was bestowed the title Mrs. New England Music Hall of Fame. This title has given me the ability and outlet to continue to work to help put a dent in hunger. This past September, New England Music Hall of Fame inducted 70 musicians. Each person in attendance at this sold-out event was instructed to bring a nonperishable item. Those items were donated to a local food pantry.