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state mother of the year
Pamela LeBlond, 2024 Connecticut Mother of the Year.

Pamela LeBlond

February 12, 2024



Pam was born in 1980 in Wolcott, CT. She was raised by her parents alongside her 2 younger brothers. She attended local schools and participated in many sports and activities throughout her childhood. She graduated from Wolcott High School in 1998. After school she joined the workforce and started her insurance career doing data entry and receptionist work. Within 2 years she was promoted and became a licensed Property & Casualty customer service representative. She moved on after 5 years to become an underwriter for Chubb Insurance where she has spent the last 20 years of her career and is presently a Senior Underwriter. Pam is married to her husband Ryan and they reside in her hometown of Wolcott where they have raised their 2 daughters, Lyrik and Lydia. Pam is an active member of the community and participates in many local school and town committees and events.

Parenting Philosophy

I feel I have a unique parenting style, melding multiple philosophies to meet our family’s needs. I mostly consider myself an authoritative parent, whereas I have high expectations for my daughters, but encourage them no matter how they are doing. They have been raised to follow the rules and know that their actions have consequences, both positive and negative. They were given boundaries and taught that those boundaries were to be adhered to and respected. Then there are times where I would also say I am somewhat of a free-range parent. Teaching my girls to learn by doing and to explore and try new things. Reminiscent of the era I grew up in, the 80’s and 90’s. Teaching them to go out, get dirty, and use your imagination. At times my parenting style is more of a reflective approach, encouraging them to deal with their emotions and be able to manage how they are feeling without me telling them how to feel. But most importantly, I make sure they always know that they have my unconditional love and support. That no matter what they do or where they go in life I will be right there, in the front row, being their biggest fan. There is never a day where “I love you” is not said multiple times to one another. I strive daily to make sure my girls know that I am always in their corner.

Motherhood and Community

At this time in mine and my family’s life my major focuses are with our local youth football and cheer organization and helping out in the school systems. I am currently the League Fundraising Coordinator for the Wolcott Youth Football and Cheer Association. I have held this position for the last 4 years and work to set up fundraising events to benefit our athletes and the organization as a whole. This position keeps me highly involved in many areas of the community as I work closely with local businesses, schools, parents and the athletes. This has helped me to foster strong relationships within the community whereas local businesses are always willing to help our organization and vice versa. In addition to being on the board I am highly involved in my youngest child’s cheer teams. Acting as the Team Mom for both and assisting all the coaches in whatever they may need. I also am an Executive Board Member of our middle school’s PTO. I co-chair fundraising efforts for the students and the school. I organize fundraisers that help the students earn money to alleviate some of the expenses associated with their largest class trip, their 8th grade trip to Washington, DC. I also work to help raise funds that go back into the PTO to be able to provide events such as Teacher Appreciation Luncheons, Field Day activities, and bringing in ice cream or food trucks for the students for different events. Lastly, I volunteer to help with anything at my older daughters’ school when needed. Such as getting sponsor donations for their spring play, assisting with ticket sales and organizing anything they needed. All my work in the schools over the years has helped me make and maintain wonderful relationships with all members of our local school community.