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state mother of the year
Patricia Cade, 2024 District of Columbia Mother of the Year.

Patricia Cade

February 12, 2024



Patricia Cade was born and raised in Washington, DC; she retired from the Department of the Army and District Government and currently is a Program & Staffing Coordinator with the Community Support System, LLC . Patricia learned to provide support to individuals beginning with a brother at the age of 10-years-old. She is a mother of three; Love & John, Jr. both deceased and has one surviving daughter, Anastasia and one granddaughter, Jasma. Patricia supports individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and is an avid member of the DC Metropolitan Police Department-Reserve Corps-Citizen Volunteer credited with 24 years of service. Her goal is to continue to support individuals with disabilities and to assist those in need to seek assistance from the DC Department on Disability Services and partnerships.

Parenting Philosophy

As a young working single mother to two kids in daycare was a challenge for me, so I would prepare my day with getting myself ready and then focus on the kids, while I needed to assure their happiness by planning my day ahead at least an hour before I would awaken them to get ready for the school day. My philosophical ways consisted of teaching & educating a child with knowledge and character to prepare them for today’s world. I provided appreciation and admiration to build their self-esteem while at the same time teaching them moral values such as honesty and respect early in life. Kids must learn to respect one another and show they care for each other to include being able to understand things while being able to appreciate one another and offer a helping hand when needed. To assist me in my philosophical way of raising kids, I would recognize their potential to succeed in what they valued, such as sports and other extracurricular activities; encourage kids to show kindness and concern for others by doing things together and sharing feelings of another person; have the courage to stand-up and not be afraid (bullying) of someone and speak out against injustice. My overall philosophical style consisted of communication to the extent of letting go anger, working together with a willingness to compromise and treat people with fairness, self-control and ultimately being grateful for the blessings good or bad bestowed upon us.

Motherhood and Community

The activities and my involvements that have impacted my life and made a positive impact in my family and community are: The DC Metropolitan Police – Supporting law enforcement began while working within the Pentagon. As Chief it was a part of my responsibility to ensure my staff and customers worked together to prevent crime, fraud and theft. The interaction with law enforcement continued with the jurisdictions that I lived in, hosting and participating in crime prevention efforts. Interacting with law enforcement helps to assure orderly, safe and supportive communities. DC Department on Disability Services (DDS) – provide support and guidance to ensure individuals with developmental and intellectual disability are made aware to the public and that they should not be excluded from participating in the community. The agency enables persons with disabilities to be integrated in the community and focus on their health and well-being. DDS showed me how to assure my brother has a good quality of life which can be applied to all who need assistance due to a disability. Community Support System (CSS) provides support to families who need assistance with their family member(s) that has an intellectual and/or developmental disability. It is with this company that I can plan on my future as I progress in age. CSS employs Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and I have been privileged to further acquire this skill and apply to my court appointed responsibility.