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state mother of the year
Rachelle Molyneaux, 2024 New Jersey Mother of the Year.

Rachelle Molyneaux

February 12, 2024



Rachelle Molyneaux is married to her husband TJ, a momma to Lucas and Haley – each with additional needs,  and freelances through her career in Transformation Consulting. You can find Rachelle drinking iced coffee, eating chocolate, swooning over turtles (she loves them!) and serving Jesus! Rachelle currently has 4 books published. Three are children’s books where she helps children understand bullying, confidence, and disabilities through reading and implementing activities at schools and Project: YOU, a guidebook designed to help adults dive deep into knowing themselves in order to use their unique talents to help their communities! 50% of Americans have suffered the effects of emotional abuse, and Rachelle is one of them. She understands what it’s like to feel unworthy and because she’s now a survivor, owns the campaign of “You Are Worth It,” helping to instill self-confidence in people so that everyone can grow to know their self-worth.

Parenting Philosophy

My parenting philosophy is quite simple; yet incredibly affective. “Your feelings are valid, it’s what you do with those feelings that leads to consequences- whether positive or negative.” I often tell my children it is ok to feel. It is ok to have emotions. However, we must learn to understand where they’re coming from and what our next step will be. For example, if we’re mad and we hurt another person, that consequence will be negative (for their age – time to think quietly in their room- they don’t like that haha!) or if they’re happy and they help another person or share that consequence will be positive (for example- gain a new friend or feel joy in giving). I teach to take a moment and think of your next step before you let your emotions decide. If I was taught this at a young age- it would have saved me from a lot of heartache.

Motherhood and Community

One of my favorite activities is going into schools and teaching the importance of self-confidence, curbing bullying, and implementing inclusion. I take my books I’ve written, read to the classrooms and then help them with an activity that corresponds. It is so wonderful to help these children know that their emotions are valid and that they can accomplish so much. It lights up my heart. Additionally, for older students, I teach the importance of healthy relationships and boundaries. There are so many Preteens and Teens who misunderstand what “love” really is. I’ve had so many amazing questions come from these children and seeing them get excited to learn more is so important. Lastly, establishing and maintaining my Project:YOU resource through You Are Worth It and helping others find their worth again is incredible. To know I survived emotional abuse and now am helping others recover is a feeling of continuous healing. Collaboration with The Humanity Preservation Foundation and helping them run their podcast dedicated to awareness for child abuse, domestic violence, bullying, and recovery further helps me to expand the awareness to people around the world. Speaking with the guests is incredibly humbling.