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Rainer Lowman, 2024 Tennessee Mother of the Year.

Rainer Lowman

February 12, 2024



Rainer was born in Memphis TN. She is the oldest of 4 children. She studied marketing at MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN. That is where she met her husband Mitch. Mitch and Rainer have 5 children ages 18, 16, 13, 11 and 8. Her oldest 2 children are biological and her younger three children joined their family through international adoption. Mitch and Rainer purposely pursued special needs international adoption to provide not only a loving home but also exceptional medical care for their precious children. Rainer describes herself as a health advocate. She is passionate about finding the right medical care for each of her children’s unique needs like cerebral palsy, hearing loss, seizures, heart defect, and more. One of Rainer’s greatest passions outside of her home is her ministry for foster and adoptive moms and families called Hearts Together. Hearts Together seeks to encourage and equip moms while providing a safe place for them to belong.

Parenting Philosophy

I asked a therapist once what her favorite piece of parenting advice is, she answered with “reach for your spouse”. I have seen this to be true. When my husband and I are connected, respectful, communicative and honor each other… the parenting piece goes much more smoothly. I also believe I am forever a learner. I will never “arrive” as a mom in the sense of knowing it all! I learn each and every day. I have seen my children be the greatest of teachers. I strive to connect each day with each of my children in a personal way. I look for what their hobbies are, I intentionally spend time with them and honestly do my best to remind myself that they are a gift and that they are world changers. I want them to be ambassadors of kindness to a hurting world. Adoption has woven in new gifts and challenges into our life. We are now parenting children with trauma in their pasts. I always strive for connection and safety with my children in whatever we are facing as challenges. I see how they respond with kind caring structure and choices for them and how that makes them feel empowered. Trust me, I am learning every day. I am humbled and grateful to be a mom. It is one of my greatest honors. I love being a mom to my 5! They keep me laughing!

Motherhood and Community

Hands down my passion for my community is serving the foster care and adoption community. I have also been given the opportunity to support birth moms and also serve families seeking family preservation. It all matters! I started Hearts Together 5 years ago. I had walked through a particularly isolating season 7 years ago after one of our adoptions. Our family had loving friends, family and neighbors but I didn’t have people I could share the truth with. I did not want to share about the struggles my child was going through with people that didn’t understand trauma and adoption. After that isolating season I knew I never wanted any woman to walk through what I walked through feeling alone and isolated like I had. Hearts Together is the group I so desperately needed. Hearts Together now serves a larger middle TN area with 3 additional Hearts Together groups and we have gone beyond TN with groups now in South Carolina and Texas. Over 1,000 families have been impacted! We strive to encourage and equip women walking through foster care and adoption. We host monthly support meetings with speakers and topics that are life giving. Friendships have been made and women around the country now have a safe place to feel like they belong. It is such a joy to serve these families.