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state mother of the year
Tiffany Geer, 2024 Montana Mother of the Year.

Tiffany Geer

February 12, 2024



Tiffany Geer grew up in a small town in Oregon. When she graduated from high school in 1995, she wanted to pursue a teaching career and went to Northwest University in Kirkland, WA. She met her husband, Kevin, at college and they married after he graduated and after her sophomore year. Tiffany finished college and earned her B.A. in Elementary Education in 1999. Kevin and Tiffany were blessed with five children– four daughters and one son. For the past four years, they have been involved in foster care and opened their home to 3 different sibling groups for a total of seven foster children so far. Currently, besides the role of mom, Tiffany is back in school as an online graduate student earning her library certification and Masters of Education and teaching part time at Peterson Elementary School.

Parenting Philosophy

Each child is an individual and wired differently. They are each so unique. However, there are things that all children need while keeping their uniqueness in mind. Every child needs unconditional love, consistency, boundaries, and communication. One of the big things we teach our kids from when they are young is how to recognize their feelings, know that their feelings are valid but not always the truth, and understand that they cannot let their feelings be the boss of their actions. Communication is also a huge part of our parenting. We listen to our kids and they listen to us. We do not keep secrets from each other. Of course, keeping in mind what is age-appropriate information when our kids are young. We also teach our kids to celebrate each other and be happy for each other’s successes.

Motherhood and Community

God is my first love and my husband is my second. I have been so honored in our past 26 years together to be involved in our church alongside my husband while he pastors. For the past 11 years we have been at Canvas Church in Kalispell, Montana. I love volunteering at church whether it be in kids’ classrooms, serving coffee, making coffee, praying with someone, or just giving a smile. Seeing God changing people’s lives is an amazing thing to be a small part of. Four years ago, I resigned from my full-time teaching job and we began our foster care journey. Being involved in foster care by giving children a safe and loving space to be while their family works on getting healthy has been an amazing experience. The life change we have seen in the children and families that we have worked with has been incredible. We always involve our biological children in the decisions before we welcome a new addition into our family. Our five biological children were happy to invite each special bonus child into our home–to the point of my teenagers volunteering to share bedrooms to make room in our house. I have seen my children learn what it means to live sacrificially and look out for other people’s needs. Because of this experience, my biological children all have a heart for foster care, adoption, and children in general. I love this because I think it reflects God’s heart. Teaching is a big part of my life though it has looked different in different seasons. I have spent many years at home either teaching our own children or supporting their classroom teachers. Currently, I am job-sharing the school librarian position at Peterson elementary school. I love being a school librarian and getting to teach each grade level great information literacy skills and a love for reading. Making the library a safe, and welcoming space for both students and staff is our goal. Teaching is a place where my parenting skills, knowledge from the foster care world, and education collide in a beautiful way.