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Nominations for Mother of the Year®

Nominations are accepted every year starting on Mother’s Day through
September 15th
Each State Mother of the Year® is announced in January.
The National Mother of the Year® is selected in April during the American Mothers National Convention

For over 88 years, American Mothers has recognized moms across the United States and its five territories with the historic honor of Mother of the Year®

We select a state honoree from every part of the country and then name a National Mother of the Year® at the annual National Convention of American Mothers. Nominate an inspirational mom in your life who’s harnessing her maternal energy to impact the lives of people around her!

About Us

Mother of the Year® eligibility requirements:

  1. A nominee for Mother of the Year® is a biological/foster/adoptive mother of one or more children.
  2. She embodies traits highly regarded in mothers and displays the ability to strengthen family relationships through maternal energy.
  3. She exemplifies in her life and conducts the precepts of the Golden Rule and the power of a mother’s inner strength to deal with the successes and challenges in life.
  4. She also exhibits an interest in her community by participating in programs and services that enrich mothers, children and/or families.

Ship Cause Spotlight​

Crystal Young, 2024 Wyoming Mother of the Year.

Crystal Young

Bio “Unique, there are no two crystals in the world alike,” explained her mother when asked how the name Crystal was chosen. Raised the oldest of eight children on a ranch in southwest Wyoming, hard work and family unity were required for survival. She graduated as valedictorian in 1984 from...

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Meet the Moms


2023 Mother of the Year®

Dr. Lori Johnson-Vegas

Doris Profile

2022 Mother of the Year®

Doris Donley

Nominations for Mother of the Year®

2021 Mother of the Year®

Dr. Mautra Staley Jones


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Nomina care For Mother Of The Year!

Follow these four easy steps:

Mother of the Year®

Mother’s Day to September 15 – Annually
State Mother of the Year® announced
National Mother of the Year® selected
at the National Convention of American Mothers in April

Mother of the Year® Nomination Form