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Now Seeking America’s Best Mothers!

Since 1935, American Mothers has recognized moms who are making a positive impact in their homes, communities, and in the world. As the official sponsor of the National Mother of the Year® award, American Mothers has named over 4,150 women as a Mother of the Year. Nominations for this historic award are open from Mother’s Day thru September 15th.


We believe that mothers are the backbone of our nation. Motherhood matters and nations, communities, workplaces, and families should recognize the value mothers have not only in raising our future but in being the leaders of our nation today.

All women who are nominated will receive a congratulatory letter from the President of American Mothers, Inc.  Mother of the Year candidates will be asked to fill out a short portfolio. From the portfolios, a Mother of the Year will be chosen from every state, Washington, D.C and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  Each mother is invited to attend the annual American Mothers Convention where State Mothers of the Year will give a three-minute speech about motherhood, meet with their representatives on Capitol Hill, and hear inspirational speakers addressing topics relating directly to American mothers and children.  At a special luncheon, National Mothers of Achievement will be recognized. The convention will end with the Golden Rule Gala where the National Mother of the Year is announced.

    Rebecca Latham is the 2017 Mother of the Year. She was nominated by the Governor of New Mexico following her “New Mexico True” tourism campaign that is helping to revitalize her state. Rebecca is the mother of two children. She says that “We are hardwired to be humble. And when you search #motheroftheyear it’s filled with photos of moms who doubt themselves and doubt their parenting abilities. Funny photos, but photos that lend themselves to greater doubt. We should ALL feel like a mother of the year, every year, all 85 million of us, because to the people that matter… we are. Nobody else can do what we do.We should ALL feel like a mother of the year… and boss of the year… wife of the year… and troop leader of the year… and small group leader of the year… and coach of the year. We have to be confident in our roles as leaders – in our states, our communities, our homes. If we ourselves don’t believe that we can change the world, then we won’t. So as we’re all here today, celebrating one another and our collective accomplishments, let’s commit to one another. Not only to stop doubting ourselves and our own unique abilities but to instill in all moms that they can step bravely into every single decision they make. Just like “it takes a village to raise a child,” “it takes a village to raise up a mom.” It starts with us. Believing in one another, supporting one another, and never giving up the idea that we are smart, compassionate, and exactly where we are supposed to be.”

Shalita O’Neale is  the 2017 Maryland Mother of the Year. After growing up in the Foster Care system, Shalita had a dream to tell other children in the Foster Care system that their future is bright. Shalita graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park with a BA in criminology and also holds a Masters of Social Work from the University of Maryland Baltimore. She founded Fostering Change Network LLC in 2012 as a way to use her 13 years of experience in launching, building and sustaining non-profit organizations and non-profit programs to help others do the same. She has also been heavily involved in child welfare training and advocacy and connecting young professionals with foster care histories, like herself, through local and national professional networking events. Shalita’s desire to help adults from foster care secure resources that will allow them to contribute to the economic development in their communities led her to found the Fostering Change Network Foundation- a non-profit organization. She is also the founder of Hope Forward, Inc. Through Shalita’s grant-writing skills and relationships with local foundations and key community figures, she has been able raise over $2 million for this non-profit over the past 8 years. Shalita and her husband have a six-year-old son and live in Maryland.

Karen Hemig is the 2017 Montana Mother of the Year. She married the love of her life in 2003 and they have been blessed with three beautiful children. All three children have a rare genetic disability which affects them mentally and physically and have shown Karen what true strength and perseverance looks like. In March of 2011, Karen and her husband decided to become licensed foster parents and currently have a total of eleven children. Karen and her husband lead a special needs parenting small group. She is also on the board of a local foster adoptive parent group called Forever Families, and serves on the parent advisory board of the local Children’s Clinic. Karen knows that being a special needs parent can be a lonely and hard walk, but surrounding yourself with others on the same path brings encouragement and strength.

Jenifer Moss, 2016 New York Mother of the Year says, “The Mother of the Year award literally changed my life. After 20 years as a stay-at-home mother of eight, I applied to graduate school last year. Although I had a resume full of volunteer experience, it was the recognition that I received as Mother of the Year that made me eligible to attend the top program in the nation on scholarship.”

You can read more about the 2017 state Mothers of the Year HERE.

Mother of the Year® nominees qualify for the honor by having one or more children and being inspirational in their role as mom. Nominees for Mother of Achievement should be an individual who has made a significant contribution to improve the lives of mothers and children in her community and/or the nation but she does not need to have children to qualify.

The public is invited to nominate their favorite “mom” annually from Mother’s Day to September 15th at


About American Mothers, Inc.
American Mothers, Inc. is a national 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that recognizes the important role of motherhood through educational programs and community outreach at home, work, and in the world. On an annual basis, American Mothers, Inc. selects the National Mother of the Year® and recognizes Mothers of Achievement from candidates across the United States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. For more information about the organization, visit or call 877-242-4264.

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