Our Sponsors

American Mothers, Inc® has been committed to valuing mothers through service and education since 1935.  As the official sponsor of Mother’s Day and the Mother of the Year® award,  American Mothers is the voice of 85 million mothers in America.

Honoring the mission of the organization’s founders, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sara Delano Roosevelt, Mamie Eisenhower, JC Penney and Norman Vincent Peale, American Mothers is dedicated to improving the lives of mothers and children at home, at work and in the world.  Each year, American Mothers honors motherhood by naming the National Mother of the Year® during an annual convention held in Washington D.C.   American Mothers organizes maternal energy for positive change. American Mothers, Inc. is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Tax ID number: 13-6159070.

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American Mothers is grateful for our Partners, Donors and Friends!

Friends of American Mothers:

Barbara and Ralph Thompson
Jesse Ball Dupont Foundation
Mikayla’s Miracles and Blessings Foundation
The Singer Foundation

Legacy Givers 
Shirley Baacus, Florida
Forrest Baker, Utah
Louise A. Battle, Washington DC
Helen and James Bean, Oregon
Irene Blore, California
Della Mae Bork, Illinois
Joan Braitsch, Washington DC
Leslie Braitsch-Thompson, Montana
Connell Branan, Oklahoma
Susan Brown, Arizona
Dianne Callister, New York
Sonya Carson, Maryland
GeNeil Cheney, North Dakota
Mary Compton, Texas
Myrna Conde, California
Lizzy Conroy, Virginia
Bertha Cooper, Missouri
Jean Crouch, Kansas
Enid Davis, Idaho
Dr. Nurum Erdem, North Carolina
Linda Fiterman, Mew Mexico
Marcia Ford, Utah
Shirley Foutz, Oklahoma
Peggy Gainer, Georgia
Vicki Gerlach, Utah
Jane Griffith, Oklahoma
Dorothy Hammert, Oklahoma
Sue Hickenlooper, Utah
Cathy Keating, Oklahoma
Esther Kimberling, Georgia
Thelma Kouzes, Virginia
Dorothy Lee, Tennessee
Helen Leon, Florida
Carrie Leonard, Oklahoma
Barbara Jean Loar, Georgia
Ruth Manning, Georgia
Mary Martin, Alabama
Lucinda McArton, Iowa
Nadine Milham, California
Joy Weller Miller, Idaho
Sheila Monke, Nebraska
Jennifer O’Brien, New York
Jennifer Oliver, Oklahoma
Suzie Owens, Washington DC
Patty Payne, Alabama
JaLynn Prince, Maryland
Elba Rivera Ruiz, Puerto Rico
Jennifer Ryan, Colorado
Deen Day Smith Sanders, Georgia
Anna Schwab, Nebraska
Michelle Schwab
Gerre Schwert, Tennessee
Lila Shoemaker, Arizona
Dr. Betty Lancaster Short, Washington DC
Renee Smith, Georgia
Virginia Spurgin, California
Deb Stanaland, Oklahoma
Joyce Stevens, Nebraska
Lela Sullivan, Oklahoma
Deanne Taylor, Utah
Ruth Ann Warner, Virginia
Anita Webb, Oklahoma
Gwen Webb, California
Sabrina Wisher DeWitt, Montana
Mollie and Henry Wolthuis, Oregon
Elizabeth Wright, Arizona
Linda Zenger, Utah

Mom to Mom Scholarship Fund
Joan Braitsch, Washington DC
Connell Branan, Oklahoma
Dianne Callister, New York
Dorothy DeVore, California
Cathy Keating, Oklahoma
Sheila Monke, Nebraska
Patty Payne, Alabama
JaLynn Prince, Maryland
Gerre Schwert, Tennessee
Joyce Stevens, Nebraska
Lela Sullivan, Oklahoma
Darcy Ure, California
Carol Willey, Vermont
Sabrina Wisher-DeWitt, Montana

1935 Club
Jennifer O’Brien, New York
Lizzy Conroy, Virginia
Debora Fletcher, Utah
Rebecca Latham, New Mexico
Lisa Phillips, Washington
Stephanie Rogers, Utah
Deanne Taylor, Utah

Human Trafficking Initiative
American Mothers Delaware
American Mothers Nebraska
Kristin Kuipers, Delaware
Martha Sturtevant, Delaware

Golden Rule Grant Fund
The Singer Foundation
Nancy McKirchy, Florida
Sheila Monke, Nebraska
Gerre Schwert, Tennessee
Joyce Stevens, Nebraska
Lela Sullivan, Oklahoma
Sue Venteicher, Nebraska

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