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National Mother of the Year
In 1968, American Mothers established the Young Mother of the Year award to honor moms in the trenches with young children still at home. Due to the changing demographic trends in maternal age, this award was phased out in 2016 and merged with the Mother of the Year recognition. Below is a listing of recipients of the National Young Mother of the Year award from 1968-2015.

Past National Young Mothers of the Year

2015 Heather Spencer, Kentucky
2014 Heidi Kim, Hawaii
2013 Tara Trobaugh, Georgia
2012 Carrie Leonard, Oklahoma
2011 Shawni Pothier, Arizona
2010 Sheri Carlstrom, Indiana
2009 Kimberly Wright, Nevada
2008 Kimberley Shelton, New Hampshire
2007 Ansley Barnett, Georgia
2006 Connell Branan, Oklahoma
2005 Janet Baumann, Delaware
2004 Deborah Lee Kazel Sipos, California
2003 Carole Gates, Nevada
2002 Michelle L. Davis, Georgia
2001 Cindy Brantley, Arkansas
2000 Robin Schultz, Alabama
1999 JaLynn Prince, Maryland
1998 Tammy Marie Huber, Oregon
1997 Kathy Vining Delone, Arkansas
1996 Lisa Phillips, North Carolina
1995 Roberta Lawler, Main
1994 Pamela Satterfield, Kansas
1993 Michelle Waite, Indiana
1992 Lecia Berven, Iowa

1991 Wendy G. McKenna, Utah

1990 Patricia H. Hofeditz, Nebraska
1989 Ian Griffin, Georgia
1988 Janet Kimball Bird, Oregon
1987 Debra Powell, Iowa
1986 Jane Oliver, Colorado
1985 Susanne Ballard, Washington
1984 Lezlie Porter, Nevada*
1983 Catherine Peterson, Pennsylvania
1982 LaDawn Jacob, Utah
1981 Carolyn Coker, South Carolina
1980 Mary Tullie Critcher, Arkansas
1979 Susan Brown, Arizona
1978 Patricia Higgins, New York
1977 Susan McNamara, Delaware
1976 Clara Schlegel, Colorado
1975 Peggy Connelly, New Jersey
1974 Mrs. Paul Newton Fields, Tennessee
1973 Joan Madden, Florida
1972 Mrs. Merrill Oaks, Utah
1971 Shirley Casper, California
1970 Mrs. Walter Davidson, Colorado
1969 Marian Hight, Iowa
1968 Dorothy Baker, Alabama